The New York Medical Magazine, Volume 1

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1815 - Medicine
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Page 201 - When a stranger approached him, he eagerly began to touch some part of his body, commonly taking hold of the arm, which he held near his nose ; and after two or three strong inspirations through the nostrils, he appeared to form a decided opinion regarding him. If this was...
Page 87 - Next considering that the spinal nerves have a double root, and being of opinion that the properties of the nerves are derived from their connections with the parts of the brain, I thought that I had an opportunity of putting my opinion to the test of experiment, and of proving at the same time that nerves of different endowments were in the same cord, and held together by the same sheath.
Page 87 - I found that injury done to the anterior portion of the spinal marrow, convulsed the animal more certainly than injury done to the posterior portion ; but I found it difficult to make the experiment without injuring both portions.
Page 89 - That the cerebrum and cerebellum are different in function as in form ; That the parts of the cerebrum have different functions ; and that the nerves which we trace in the body are not single nerves possessing various powers, but bundles of different nerves, whose filaments are united for the convenience of distribution, but which are distinct in office, as they are in origin from the brain...
Page 64 - An act to incorporate medical societies for the purpose of regulating the practice of physic and surgery in this state...
Page 176 - Physiological Researches respecting the influence of the Brain on the action of the Heart and on the generation of animal heat; Phil.
Page 242 - Defervescence occurs about the end of the second or beginning of the third week...
Page 199 - His taste was extremely delicate, and he showed a great predilection for some kinds of food, whilst there were others of which he never partook. He had on no occasion tasted butter, cheese, or any of the pulpy fruits ; but he was fond of milk, plain-dressed animal food, apples, peas, and other simple nutriment. He never took food from any one but his parents or sister.
Page 202 - In this, however, they completely failed, from the powerful resistance which he made to all their efforts to secure him, and hold the eye quiet. The lively remembrance, which he seemed to have, of these events, and the recurrence of the same circumstances attending his coming here at this time, made him very naturally conceive, that his parents had again brought him from home, with the same view as formerly. During the first examination, and on several future ones, when I purposely handled the eye...

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