The Dublin University Calendar, Volume 1

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Page 17 - Act provided, and the said printed books, shall be the register of persons entitled to vote at any election of a member or members to serve in Parliament which shall take place in and for...
Page 16 - Ireland, two for the city of Dublin, two for the city of Cork, one for the university of Trinity College, and one for each of the thirty-one most considerable cities, towns, and boroughs), be the number to sit and vote on the part of Ireland in the house of commons of the parliament of the united kingdom...
Page xxi - Gnosius haec Rhadamanthus habet, durissima regna, Castigatque auditque dolos, subigitque fateri, Quae quis apud superos, furto laetatus inani, Distulit in seram commissa piacula mortem. Continuo sontis ultrix accincta flagello 570 Tisiphone quatit insultans, torvosque sinistra Intentans anguis vocat agmina saeva sororum.
Page 18 - Such voting paper, the aforesaid date and names being previously filled in, shall, on any day subsequent to notice given by the returning officer of the day for proceeding to election, be signed by the voter in the presence of a Justice of the Peace for the county or...
Page xcix - Prove that the algebraic sum of the moments of two concurrent forces about any point in their plane is equal to the moment of their resultant about the same point.
Page xix - If any number of forces acting at a point can be represented in magnitude and direction by the sides of a POLYGON taken in order, they are in equilibrium.
Page 1 - And whereas, by means of divers restrictions, tests, and disabilities, many of Her Majesty's subjects are debarred from the full enjoyment of the same : And...
Page xxx - Phoebe. sin ortu quarto— namque is certissimus auctor — pura neque obtunsis per caelum cornibus ibit, totus et ille dies et qui nascentur ab illo exactum ad mensem pluvia ventisque carebunt, votaque servati solvent in litore nautae Glauco et Panopeae et Inoo Melicertae.
Page lxxxviii - In every triangle, the square on the side subtending either of the acute angles, is less than the squares on the sides containing that angle, by twice the rectangle contained by either of these sides, and the straight line intercepted between the acute angle and the perpendicular let fall upon it from the opposite angle...
Page 26 - Fund. All persons, however, to whom chambers may be granted within any of the periods above specified, are not to be considered liable to these charges until the ensuing Term. 4. That the weekly sums thus charged be allowed in the regular Commons...

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