Fragments of the Early History of Australia: 1788 to 1812

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W. & J. Barr, 1913 - Australia - 402 pages

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Page 19 - ye rising realms record Time's opening scenes, and Truth's unerring word. — There shall broad streets their stately walls extend, The circus widen, and the crescent bend ; There ray'd from cities o'er the cultured land, Shall bright canals, and solid roads expand.— There the proud arch, Colossus-like, bestride Yon glittering streams, and bound the chasing tide ; Embellished villas crown the landscape scene, Farms wave with gold, and orchards blush between.
Page 8 - Lion — spent his former might — No longer roar the terror of the fight; — Should e'er arrive that dark disastrous hour, When...
Page 181 - I had declined any further interference with the schooner, in consequence of the illegal conduct of the naval officer in refusing to enter the vessel, and retaining her papers, notwithstanding I had made repeated applications that they might be restored. So circumstanced, I could no longer think of submitting to the...
Page 288 - God tempers the wind, said Maria, to the shorn lamb. Shorn indeed ! and to the quick, said I ; and wast thou in my own land, where I have a cottage, I would take thee to it and shelter thee ; thou shouldst eat of my own bread, and drink of my own cup : I would be kind to thy Sylvio.
Page 335 - We arrived in October, 1803: my pen is not able to describe half the beauties of that delightful spot : we were four months there. Much to my mortification, as well as loss, we were obliged to abandon the settlement, through the whim and caprice of the Lieutenant-Governor : additional expense to government, and additional loss to individuals, were incurred by removing to Van Diemen's Land, which ran never be made to answer.
Page 198 - Particular people were called on to go into the boat, and were hurried over the side, whence I concluded that with these people I was to be set adrift. I therefore made another effort to bring about a change, but with no other effect than to be threatened with having my brains blown out.
Page 190 - Atkins, more particularly, he has been accustomed to inebriety; he has been the ridicule of the community; sentences of Death have been pronounced in moments of intoxication ; his determination is weak; his opinion floating and infirm; his knowledge of the Law insignificant and...
Page 48 - Thus departed Hiawatha, Hiawatha the Beloved, In the glory of the sunset, In the purple mists of evening, To the regions of the home-wind, Of the Northwest wind, Keewaydin, To the Islands of the Blessed, To the kingdom of Ponemah, To the land of the Hereafter ! VOCABULAEY THE SONG OF HIAWATHA.
Page 131 - Our females have been used at night to walk. Sometimes, indeed, so various is our art, An actor may improve and mend his part ; "Give me a horse," bawls Richard, like a drone, We'll find a man would help himself to one.
Page 7 - China, and the islands situated in that part of the world, to which any intercourse has been established by any European nation, should be prevented by every possible means : It is our royal will and pleasure that you do not on any account allow craft of any sort to be built for the use of private individuals which might enable them to effect such intercourse...

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