The elements of physiography

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Page 213 - On the other hand, in the regions beneath the dark side, a solar eclipse of fifteen years in duration, under their shadow, must afford (to our ideas) an inhospitable asylum to animated beings, ill compensated by the faint light of the satellites. But we shall do wrong to judge of the fitness or unfitness of their condition from what we see around us, when, perhaps, the very combinations which convey to our minds only images of horror, may be in reality theatres of the most striking and glorious displays...
Page 120 - ... 6. In fair weather, when the mercury falls much and low, and thus continues for two or three days before the rain comes, then expect a great deal of wet, and probably high winds.
Page 120 - ... 2. In very hot weather, the falling of the mercury indicates thunder. 3. In winter, the rising presages frost: and in frosty weather, if the mercury falls three or four divisions, there will be a thaw.
Page 237 - ... 1. All the brighter stars, at least, have a structure analogous to that of the sun. 2. The stars contain material elements common to the sun and earth. 3. The colours of the stars have their origin in the chemical constitution of the atmospheres which surround them. 4. The changes in brightness of some of the variable stars are attended with changes in the lines of absorption of their spectra. 5. The phenomena of the star in Corona appear to show that in this object, at least, great physical...
Page 225 - All the nebulae hitherto discovered, whether gaseous or stellar, irregular, planetary, ring-formed, or elliptic, exist within the limits of the sidereal system. They all form part and parcel of that wonderful system whose nearer and brighter parts constitute the glories of our nocturnal heavens.
Page 246 - INSTRUCTIONS. You are permitted to attempt only four questions, but these may be selected from any part of the paper. The value attached to each question is the same.
Page 39 - The vast influence which the ocean* must exert as a moderator of climate here suggests itself. The heat of summer is stored up in the ocean, and slowly given out during the winter. Hence one cause of the absence of extremes in an island climate.
Page 120 - For if it stands at much rain, and then rises up to changeable, it presages fair weather; though not to continue so long as if the mercury had risen higher. And so, on the contrary, if the mercury stood at fair, and falls to changeable, it presages foul weather; though not so much of it as if it had sunk lower.
Page 250 - The value attached to each question is indicated by the numbers at the end of the question. 1. Name the binary compounds which are united to form a piece of limestone. State how these may be separated from one another, and describe the characters presented by each of them. What elements are present in these binary compounds, and what is the general character of each of these elements ? (15.) 2. Describe the construction and use of a thermometer, and explain the method by which thermometers are graduated....
Page 169 - The single microscope (fig. 4.), consists simply of a convex lens, commonly called a magnifying glass; in the focus of which the object is placed, and through which it is viewed : by this means, you are enabled to...

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