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1. Buffalo is about 79° west longitude. What is the difference between standard time and actual time in that city?

2. Cincinnati is 84° 24' west longitude. When it is noon by actual time, what is the hour by standard time?

3. Washington is about 77° west longitude. When it is noon by standard time, what is the actual time? 4. What is the longitude of Bangor? Of Newport? Of Louisville? Of Detroit? Of San Francisco ?

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5. When the sun rises in Boston at 6 o'clock in the morning, as indicated by the almanac, at what hour does it rise by standard time?

6. The longitude of Springfield, Mass., is 72° 35' 45" W., and of Galveston, Tex., 94° 46' 34" W.; when it is 20 min. past 6 o'clock, A.M., at Springfield, what time is it at Galveston ? What is the difference between the actual time and standard time?


1. In 115200 grains troy, how many pounds are


2. In 365 da. 5 h. 48 min. 46 sec., how many seconds are there? Ans. 31556926.

3. A man wishes to ship 1560 bushels of potatoes in barrels containing 3 bu. 1 pk. each. How many barrels will be required? Ans. 480 bbl.

4. Reduce 295218 inches to miles.

5. Reduce 456575 grains to pounds, troy weight. 6. How many sheets are there in 3 reams of paper? 7. What is the value of 4 piles of wood, each 20 ft. long, 6 ft. wide, and 10 ft. high, at $3.25 per cord?

Ans. $121.87.

8. How many bottles, each holding 1 qt. 1 gi., can be filled from a barrel of cider ? Ans. 112 bottles. 9. At $26.40 per sq. rd. for land, what will be the cost of a village lot 84 rd. long and 44 rd. wide?

Ans. $980.10. 10. Divide 259 A. 50 P. of land into 36 equal lots. Ans. 7 A. 32 P.

11. How many times can a box holding 4 bu. 3 pk.

2 qt. be filled from 336 bu. 3 pk. 4 qt.?

Ans. 70 times.

12. What is the value of .875 of a gallon?

13. What part of a mile is 116 rd. 2 yd.?

Ans. † mi. 14. What part of 2 days is 13 h. 26 min. 24 sec.? 15. From 26 A. 80 P. of land, 5 A. 120 P. were sold. What part of the whole piece remained unsold?

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Ans. 11s. 6d.

16. What is the difference between of a pound sterling and 51 pence? 17. What is the sum of 4 of a yard, of a foot, and

of an inch?

Ans. 7 inches.

18. Reduce 3 cwt. 1 qr. of coal to the decimal of a ton. 19. Benjamin Franklin was born Jan. 18, 1706, and George Washington Feb. 22, 1732. How much older was Franklin than Washington? Ans. 26 yr. 1 mo. 4 da.

20. The longitude of Boston is 71° 4' west, and that of Chicago 87° 30' west. When it is 12 м. at Boston, what is the time in Chicago? Ans. 10 h. 54 min. 16 sec. A.M.

21. If the difference of time between New York and New Orleans is 1 h. 4 sec., what is the difference in longitude? Ans. 15° 1'.

22. Add of a mile, of a mile, and of a rod together. Ans. 233 rd. 8 ft. 3 in. 23. If a bushel of barley costs $.80, what will 20 bu. 3 pk. 6 qt. cost? Ans. $16.75. 24. Change .875 of a gross to dozens. Ans. 102 doz. 25. How many acres are there in a field 561⁄2 rods long, and 24.6 rods wide? Ans. 8 A. 109.9 P.

26. How many perches of masonry are there in the wall of a cellar which is 20 ft. square on the inside, 8 ft. high, and 14 ft. in thickness? Ans. 44.6+ P.

27. A, B, and C rent a farm, and agree to work it upon shares; they raise 640 bu. 3 pk. of grain, which they divide as follows: one fourth is given for the rent; of the remainder A takes 10 bu. more than one third, after which B takes one half of the remainder less 7 bushels, and C has what is left. How much is C's share?

28. What is the value avoirdupois weight?

Ans. 161 bu. 3 pk. 6 qt. in troy weight of 13 lb. 8 oz. Ans. 16 lb. 4 oz. 17 pwt. 12 gr.

29. If 154 bu. 1 pk. 6 qt. cost $173.74, how much will 1.5 bushels cost?

Ans. $1.687.

Ans. 25 lb.

30. Reduce .0125 of a ton to pounds. 31. What fraction of 3 bushels is of 2 bu. 3 pk.?


32. How many wine gallons are there in a water tank 4 ft. long, 3 ft. wide, and 1 ft. 8 in. deep? Ans. 174. 33. How many bushels will a bin contain that is 7 ft. square, and 6 ft. 8 in. deep? Ans. 301.339+ bu. 34. How much must be paid for lathing and plastering overhead a room 36 ft. long and 20 ft. wide, at 26 cents a square yard?

35. How many shingles will it take to cover the roof of a building 46 ft. long, each of the two sides of the roof being 20 ft. wide, allowing each shingle to be 4 in. wide, and to lie 5 in. to the weather? Ans. 13248.

36. John Young was born at a quarter before 4 o'clock, A.M., Sept. 4, 1888. What will be his age at half-past 6 o'clock, P.M., April 20, 1946?

Ans. 57 yr. 7 mo. 16 da. 14 h. 45 min. 37. How many cubic yards of earth were removed in digging a cellar 28 ft. 9 in. long, 22 ft. 8 in. wide, and 7 ft. 6 in. deep? Ans. 181 cu. yd. 38. What will 30 bu. 54 lb. of wheat cost, at $1.37 per bushel? Ans. $42.4875. 39. What is the cost of 54 bu. 8 lb. of barley, at 84 cents per bushel ? Ans. $45.50. 40. How many square yards of carpeting will it take cover a floor 24 ft. 8 in. long and 18 ft. 6 in. wide? Ans. 501 sq. yd.

41. What is the area of a rectangle 17 cm. by 19 cm. ? 42. What is the depth of a lot that has 120 ft. front, and contains 18720 square feet?

43. If I travel 789.7 km. a day, how many miles will I travel in 10 days?

44. How many steps of 30 in. each must a person take in walking 21 miles?

45. How many steres of wood are there in a pile 4 m. long, 3.5 m. thick, and 32.25 m. high?



230a. The Unit of land measure is the acre.

Measurements of land are commonly recorded in square miles, acres, and hundredths of an acre. The ordinary table of land measure with examples will be found on pp. 173 to 177.

230b. Government Lands are usually surveyed into rectangular tracts, bounded by lines conforming to the cardinal points of the compass.

A Base Line on a parallel of latitude, and a Principal Meridian intersecting it, are first established. Other lines are then run six miles apart, each way, as nearly as possible.

The tracts thus formed are called Townships, and contain nearly 23040 acres. A line of townships extending north and south is called a Range.

The ranges are designated by their number east or west of the principal meridian. The townships in each range are designated by their number north or south of the base line.

Since the earth's surface is convex, the principal meridians converge as they proceed northward. This tends to throw the townships and sections out of square, and necessitates occasional lines of offset, called "correction lines."

Townships are subdivided into Sections, and sections into Half-Sections, Quarter-Sections, Half-QuarterSections, Quarter-Quarter-Sections, and Lots.

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