Mechanical Drawing: First[-second] Year, Volume 1

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Page 15 - A sphere is a solid bounded by a curved surface, every point of which is equally distant from a point within called the center.
Page 65 - When the surface of a cylinder is unrolled, it becomes a rectangle whose length is equal to the circumference of the cylinder.
Page 46 - ... compass lay off A and B equally distant from C. Then with A and B for centers without changing the compass lay off arc DE. Then CD and CE trisect the right angle. Note: — In this way angles of 30 and 60 may be obtained. Problem 4. To divide a given line into any number of equal parts. (Fig. 52); Let AB be the given line to be divided into five equal Fig.
Page 14 - A figure whose opposite sides are equal and parallel and whose angles are right angles.
Page 8 - Three faces are visible in the front view, two equally, one each side of the third, the middle face. The axes intersect in the top view, 2l/4" R. and 2^" D. They intersect in the front view 2y4" R. and 6-%" D. The center of revolution for the side view is 4

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