Observations on the Expediency and Practicability of Simplifying and Improving the Measures, Weights, and Money Used in this Country, Without Materially Altering the Present Standards

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Egerton's Military Library, 1834 - Foreign exchange rates - 176 pages
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Page 170 - Majesty to inquire into the subject of weights and measures, that a cubic inch of distilled water weighed in air by brass weights at the temperature of 62 degrees of Fahrenheit's thermometer, the barometer being at 30 inches, is equal to 252 grains, and 456 thousandth parts of a grain...
Page 170 - Pendulum vibrating Seconds of Mean Time in the Latitude of London in a Vacuum at the Level of the Sea...
Page xi - There shall be one measure of wine and one of ale, through our whole realm ; and one measure of corn, that is to say, the London quarter ; and one breadth of dyed cloth, and russets, and haberjeets, that is to say, two ells within the lists ; and it shall be of weights, as it is of measures.
Page i - May 1834 he completed a volume of 320 pages, on the expediency and practicability of simplifying and improving the measures, weights, and money used in this country, without materially altering the present standards.
Page 43 - Measure. 2 pints 1 quart 2 quarts 1 pottle 2 pottles 1 gallon 2 gallons 1 peck 4 pecks 1 bushel 2 bushels 1 strike...
Page 164 - A committee having been appointed to inquire into the original standards of weights and measures in the kingdom of England, to consider the laws relating thereto, and to report their observations thereupon, together with their opinion of the most effectual means for ascertaining and enforcing uniform and certain standards of weights and measures...
Page 30 - CUBIC MEASURE 1728 cubic inches = 1 cubic foot 27 cubic feet = 1 cubic yard...
Page 169 - May one thousand eight hundred and twenty-five, the Straight Line or Distance between the Centres of the Two Points in the Gold Studs in the Straight Brass Rod, now in the Custody of the Clerk of the House of Commons, whereon the Words and Figures
Page 104 - Grains 1 Dram. 16 Drams 1 Ounce. 16 Ounces 1 Pound. 28 Pounds 1 Quarter. 4 Quarters or 100 pounds 1 Hundred Weight 20 Hundredweight 1 Ton.
Page 130 - APOTHECARIES' FLUID MEASURE 60 minims = 1 fluid dram 8 fluid drams = 1 fluid ounce 16 fluid ounces = 1 liquid pint 8 liquid pints = 1 gallon (British measures differ from above) APOTHECARIES...

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