A System of School Geography Chiefly Derived from Malte-Brun

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De Silver, Thomas & Company, 1835

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Page 222 - And he will be a wild man ; his hand will be against every man, and every man's hand against him ; and he shall dwell in the presence of all his brethren.
Page 278 - ... plaintive murmurs with the joyful melody of the birds animating the thickets. Under the shade of the cocoa, the smiling, but modest hamlets present themselves, roofed with banana leaves, and decorated with garlands of jessamine.
Page 209 - But the objects which most attract attention are the sculptures, which cover the whole of the northern front. They contain, on a great scale, a representation of a victory gained by one of the ancient kings of Egypt over his Asiatic enemies.
Page 209 - One of the temples of ancient Egypt is now, in its state of ruin, a mile and a half in circumference. It has twelve principal entrances. The body of the temple consists of a prodigious hall or portico; the roof is supported by 134 columns. Four beautiful obelisks mark the entrance to the shrine, a place of sacrifice, which contains three apartments, built entirely of granite. The temple of L/uxor, probably surpasses in beauty and splendor all the other ruins of Egypt. In front are two of the finest...
Page 203 - The Chief is generally distinguished from his followers by a carosse of tiger's skin, and by a narrow tasteful beaded band worn round the head ; and when he stands surrounded by his armed attendants, wrapped in their dark cloaks, it forms a most imposing sight, and one which, though my expectation had been raised, surprised me. Their figures are the noblest that my eye ever gazed upon, their movements the most graceful, and their attitudes the proudest, standing like forms of monumental bronze. I...
Page 106 - The first forsake their ordinary food, and live on the fruits and berries of the shrubs, through which they swim. The crab is found upon the trees, and the oyster multiplies in the forest. The Indian, who surveys from his canoe this confusion of earth and sea, suspends his hammock on an elevated branch, and sleeps without fear in the midst of the danger.
Page 236 - There are some deserts and some spots of great fertility. The climate is very remarkable for its variety, and it is the more worthy of notice as it is caused, not by its latitude, but by the elevation of different parts of its surface. In some portions, the heat is almost insupportable; while in Ghiznie, there are traditions that that city has been twice destroyed by falls of snow, in which all the inhabitants were buried.
Page 189 - Pelicans, cranes, four and five feet in height, grey, variegated, and white, were scarcely so many yards from my side, and a bird, between a snipe and a woodcock, resembling both, and larger than either ; immense spoonbills of a snowy whiteness, widgeon, teal, yellow-legged plover, and a hundred species of (to me at least) unknown water fowl, were sporting before me...
Page 142 - Politeness and good manners may he traced through all ranks. The The women of France take an active part in the concerns of life. At court, they are politicians; in the city, they are merchants and shopkeepers; in the country, they labor on the farms with the men. There is scarcely any operation in rural economy, in which they do not take a part: they may even be sometimes seen holding the plough in the field. They often perform long journeys alone, without the protection of men, and the discretion...
Page 277 - The middle shore is often occupied by a lagoon ; the sand is mixed with pieces of broken coral and other marine substances ; proving that such islands have been originally formed by these coral rocks, which are inhabited, and according to some, created by polypi, and afterwards augmented and elevated by the slow accumulation of light bodies drifted to them by the sea. It is...

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