Mental Arithmetic, Or, First Lessons in Numbers for Children

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J.C. Derby, 1846 - Arithmetic - 120 pages
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Page 67 - ... for which he paid $116.64; how much did he pay a pound? 204. If 40 tons of hay cost $580, how much is that per ton ? What would 37 tons cost at the same rate? 40 tons ? 37864 tons? 205. If Mr.
Page 30 - ... than a lemon ? 2. A man having bought eight yards of cloth, used five yards to make a suit of clothes: how many yards had he left ? 3. Frank has seven marbles, and John has five : how many more marbles has Frank than John ? 4. A man bought a cow for ten dollars, and gave a barrel of flour worth five dollars, and paid the rest in money : how much money did he pay ? 5. If a bushel of wheat costs nine shillings, and a bushel of corn five shillings, what is the difference in their price ? 6. A man...
Page 45 - At five cents a pound, what cost eight pounds of figs ? 7. There are eight rows of trees in an orchard, and seven trees in a row : how many trees are there in the orchard ? 8. In New York, eight shillings make a dollar : how many shillings are there in eight New York dollars ? 9.
Page 94 - Circular Measure is applied to the divisions of the circle, and is used in reckoning latitude and longitude, and the motion of the heavenly bodies. 60 seconds (") make 1 minute, marked ' 60 minutes " 1 degree, " 30 degrees " 1 sign, " s. . ' 12 signs, or 360 " 1 circle,
Page 65 - The dividend is the number to be divided. The divisor is the number by which we divide.
Page 74 - ... Ans. 6 barrels. 27. A farmer bought 6 pounds of tea, at 4 shillings a pound, and paid for it in wheat, at 8 shillings a bushel : how many bushels did it take ? 28. A man bought a cow for 10 dollars, and sold it for 16 dollars : how much did he make by his bargain ? 29. If Horatio buys 6 oranges, at 3 cents apiece, and sells them again for 4 cents apiece, how much will he make by his bargain ? 30. In 5 times 8, how many times 10 ? 31. In 6 times 6, how many times 4 ? 32. In 8 times 3, how many...
Page 69 - MM forty. fifty. sixty. seventy. eighty. ninety. one hundred. one hundred and one. one hundred and ten. two hundred. three hundred four hundred. five hundred. six hundred. seven hundred. eight hundred. nine hundred. one thousand.

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