Hawkins' Mechanical Dictionary: A Cyclopedia of Words, Terms, Phrases and Data Used in the Mechanic Arts, Trades and Sciences

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T. Audel, 1909 - Industrial arts - 684 pages
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Page 3 - an event that takes place without one's foresight or expectation ; an event which proceeds from an unknown cause, or is an unusual effect of a known cause, and, therefore, not expected.
Page 283 - Hip. — The external angle formed by the meeting of two sloping sides of a roof. Hip roof. — A roof that rises by inclined planes from all four sides of a building.
Page 334 - LIQUID MEASURE 4 gills (gi.) = 1 pint (pt.) 2 pints = 1 quart (qt...
Page 266 - That species of attraction or force by which all bodies or particles of matter in the universe tend towards each other...
Page 182 - English scientist who discovered the principle involved — states that: The total pressure exerted by a mixture of gases is equal to the sum of the pressures of each of the different gases making up the mixture— each gas acting as if it alone was present and occupied the total volume.
Page 32 - WEIGHT. 16 drams, dr. make 1 ounce, - - - - oz. 16 ounces - - - 1 pound, - - - - Ib. 28 pounds - - - 1 quarter, - - - qr. 4 quarters - - - 1 hundred weight, - cwt. 20 hundred weight, 1 ton, T.
Page 29 - An invisible power in a body by which it draws any thing to itself; the power in nature acting mutually between bodies or ultimate particles, tending to draw them together, or to produce their cohesion or combination, and conversely resisting separation.
Page 401 - Pipe Grip. — In steam and pipe fitting, an implement consisting of an iron bar with a curved end and provided with a chain of square links to hook on to the jaws of the curved end.* See Chain Tongs. Pipe Hanger. — A suspension link or band (often split) used to support a pipe without interfering with its expansion and contraction.
Page 189 - The Diameter of a circle is a line passing through its center, and terminating at both ends in the circumference.
Page 183 - ... term used to signify that the pipe is cut to length ordered. Cylinder. — A term used to designate any tank, drum, retort, receiver or reservoir, etc., that is made of pipe and closed at both ends, except such test hole as must always be allowed.

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