British North America Acts and Selected Statutes: (together with Pre-Confederation Statutes and Documents, a Short Historical Review, a Chapter on Responsible Government and a Chapter on the Years Preceding Confederation; Together Also with Many Acts and Orders in Council Relating to Canada and Its Provinces; to which Has Been Added the Letters Patent Constituting the Office of Governor General of Canada Together with the Commission and Instructions, Also the Form of Commission of an Instructions to the Lieutenant-Governors. Abundant Notes Accompany All These Statutes and Documents), 1867-1962

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R. Duhamel, Queen's printer, 1962 - Canada - 662 pages


The British North America Act 1886 c 35 Representation of Territories
The Canadian Speaker Appointment of Deputy Act 1895 c 3
The British North America Act 1916 c 19 Extension of twelfth Parliament
The British North America Act 1916 c 19 Extension of twelfth Parliament
The British North America Act 1946 c 63 Readjustment of representation
The British North America Act No 2 1949 c 81 Amendment of the Constitution
The British North America Act 1951 c 32 Old Age Pensions
The Statute of Westminster
The Statute of Westminster 1931 c 4
The British North America Act 1960 c 2 Tenure of Office of Judges
Her Majestys Order in Council admitting Ruperts Land and the Northwest
Her Majestys Order in Council admitting British Columbia
Her Majestys Order in Council admitting Prince Edward Island
Her Majestys Order in Council annexing Islands and Territories
Acts of Canada Relating to Provincial Matters
The Manitoba Act 1870 c 3
Memorandum on law in federal matters in Manitoba prior to 1888
The Alberta Act 1905 c 3
The Saskatchewan Act 1905 c 42
The P E I Subsidy Act 1912 c 42
Statute Law Amendment Newfoundland Act 1949 c 6
An Act to bring the Criminal Code and the Canada Evidence Act into force
The DominionProvincial Taxation Agreement Act 1942 c 13
The DominionProvincial Tax Rental Agreements Act 1947 c 58
as to keep together all amendments to the British North America Act 1867 The same
The DominionProvincial Tax Rental Agreements Act 1947 Amendment Act 1949
The FederalProvincial TaxSharing Arrangements Act 1956 c 29
The FederalProvincial Tax Sharing Arrangements Act 1956 Amendment Act
The Manitoba Boundaries Extension Act 1912 c 32
The AlbertaBritish Columbia Boundary Act 1932 c 5
The AlbertaBritish Columbia Boundary Act 1955 c 24

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Page 563 - It may coordinate the activities of the specialized agencies through consultation with and recommendations to such agencies and through recommendations to the General Assembly and to the Members of the United Nations.
Page 455 - Commonwealth in relation to one another that any alteration in the law touching the Succession to the Throne or the Royal Style and Titles shall hereafter require the assent as well of the Parliaments of all the Dominions as of the Parliament of the United Kingdom...
Page 147 - They are autonomous Communities within the British Empire, equal in status, in no way subordinate one to another in any aspect of their domestic or external affairs, though united by a common allegiance to the Crown, and freely associated as members of the British Commonwealth of Nations.
Page 88 - Queen's Roman Catholic Subjects shall be and the same are hereby extended to the Dissentient Schools of the Queen's Protestant and Roman Catholic Subjects in Quebec: (3) Where in any Province a System of Separate or Dissentient Schools exists by Law at the Union or is thereafter established by the Legislature of the Province, an Appeal shall lie...
Page 149 - Dominion" means any of the Meaning of following Dominions, that is to say, the Dominion of Canada, the Commonwealth of Australia, the Dominion of New Zealand, the Union of South Africa, the Irish Free State and Newfoundland.
Page 200 - Either the English or the French Language may be used by any Person in the Debates of the Houses of the Parliament of Canada and of the Houses of the Legislature of Quebec; and both those Languages shall be used in the respective Records and Journals of those Houses ; and either of those Languages may be used by any Person or in any Pleading or Process in or issuing from any Court of Canada established under this Act, and in or from all or any of the Courts of Quebec. The acts of the Parliament of...
Page 87 - Shop, Saloon, Tavern, Auctioneer, and other Licences in order .to the raising of a Revenue for Provincial, Local, or Municipal Purposes. 10. Local Works and Undertakings other than, such as are of the following Classes : — a. Lines of Steam or other Ships, Railways, Canals, Telegraphs, and other Works and Undertakings connecting the Province with any other or others of the Provinces, or extending beyond the Limits of the Province : b.
Page 232 - There shall be assigned to each of the other Provinces such a Number of Members as will bear the same Proportion to the Number of its Population (ascertained at such Census) as the Number Sixty-five bears to the Number of the Population of Quebec (so ascertained) : 3.
Page 550 - Everyone charged with a penal offence has the right to be presumed innocent until proved guilty according to law in a public trial at which he has had all the guarantees necessary for his defence.
Page 200 - ... in council on any appeal under this section is not duly executed by the proper provincial authority in that behalf, then and in every such case, and as far only as the circumstances of each case require, the parliament of Canada may make remedial laws for the due execution of the provisions of this section, and of any decision of the governor-general in council under this section.

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