First Lessons in French Grammar, with exercises, etc

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James Izzard, 1846 - 131 pages

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Page 52 - Que je sois, That I may be. que tu sois, that thou mayst be. qu'il soit, that he may be. que nous soyons, that we may be. que vous soyez, that you may be. q'uils soient, that they may be.
Page 41 - Anterior. j'eus eu, / had had tu eus eu, thou hadst had il eut eu, he had had nous eûmes eu, we had had vous eûtes eu, you had had ils eurent eu, they had had Second Futurè.
Page 42 - I (might) have had que tu eusses eu, that thou (mightst) have had qu'il eût eu, that he (might) have had que nous eussions eu, that we (might) have had que vous eussiez eu, that you (might) have had qu'ils eussent eu, that they (might) have had.
Page 51 - Tu seras, thou wilt be. 1 1 sera, he will be. Nous serons, we shall be. Vous serez, you will be. Ils seront, they will be.
Page 90 - Antérieur j'aurai vendu, I shall have sold tu auras vendu, thou wilt have sold il aura vendu, he will have sold nous aurons vendu, we shall have sold vous...
Page 40 - Que j'aie, That I may have. Que tu aies, That thou mayest have. Qu'il ait, That he may have. Que nous ayons, That we may have. Que vous ayez, That you may have. Qu'ils aient, That they may have.
Page 53 - I had been, thou hadst been, he had been ; we had been, you had been, they had been.
Page 41 - J'eus eu, I had had. Tu eus eu, thou hadst had. Il eut eu, he had had. Nous eûmes eu, we had had. Vous eûtes eu, you had had. Ils eurent eu, they had had.
Page 88 - Q,ne je vend-e, that I may sell Que tu vend-es, that thou mayst sell Qu'il vend-e, that he may sell Que nous vend-ions, that we may sell Que vous vend-iez, that you may sell Qu'ils vend-ent, that they may sell...
Page 96 - I may go, que tu ailles, that thou may'st go. qu'il aille, that he may go. que nous allions, that we may go. que vous alliez, that you may go. qu'ils aillent, that they may go.

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