Hermathena, Volume 5

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University of Dublin, 1885 - Humanities

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Page 203 - I do not clearly understand the change in the order. First you began with a geometry of plane surfaces ? Yes, I said.
Page 313 - Venator tenerae coniugis immemor, Seu visa est catulis cerva fidelibus, Seu rupit teretes Marsus aper plagas. Me doctarum hederae praemia frontium Dis miscent superis, me gelidum nemus 30 Nympharumque leves cum Satyris chori Secernunt populo, si neque tibias Euterpe cohibet nee Polyhymnia Lesboum refugit tendere barbiton. Quodsi me lyricis vatibus inseres, 35 Sublimi feriam sidera vertice.
Page 312 - Hunc si mobilium turba Quiritium Certat tergeminis tollere honoribus ; Illum si proprio condidit horreo Quidquid de Libycis verritur areis. Gaudentem patrios findere sarculo Agros Attalicis conditionibus Nunquam dimoveas, ut trabe Cypria Myrtoum pavidus nauta secet mare.
Page 312 - Laudat rura sui : mox reficit rates Quassas, indocilis pauperiem pati. Est, qui nee veteris pocula Massici, Nee partem solido demere de die, Spernit ; nunc viridi membra sub arbuto Stratus, nunc ad aquae lene caput sacrae.
Page 70 - Licuit, semperque licebit, Signatum praesente nota producere nomen. U t silvae foliis pronos mutantur in annos ; Prima cadunt : ita verborum vetus interit aetas, Et juvenum ritu florent modo nata vigentque.
Page 43 - A lover's eyes will gaze an eagle blind; A lover's ear will hear the lowest sound, When the suspicious head of theft is stopp'd; Love's feeling is more soft, and sensible, Than are the tender horns of cockled snails...
Page 406 - When you have proved that the three angles of every triangle are equal to two right angles...
Page 202 - ... solids in revolution, instead of taking solids in themselves; whereas after the second dimension the third, which is concerned with cubes and dimensions of depth, ought to have followed.
Page 222 - ... was only doubtful, and show of knowledge without the reality — to look at a problem on all sides, and set forth all the difficulties attending its solution — to take account of deductions from the affirmative evidence, even in the case of conclusions accepted as true upon the balance — all this will be found pervading the march of their greatest thinkers. As a condition of all progressive philosophy, it is not less essential that the grounds of negation should be freely exposed, than the...
Page 353 - Signum, quod perhibent esse crucis Dei, Magnis qui colitur solus in urbibus, Christus, perpetui gloria numinis, Cujus filius unicus: Hoc signum mediis frontibus additum Cunctarum pecudum certe salus fuit.

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