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Page 84 - At a siege it was found that a certain length of trench could be dug by the soldiers and navvies in 4 days, but that when only half the navvies were present it required 7 days to dig the same length of trench. What proportion of the work was done by the soldiers?
Page 71 - THE sum of 177 is to be divided among 15 men, 20 women, and 30 children, in such a manner that a man and a child may together receive as much as two women, and all the women may together receive 60; what will they respectively receive?
Page 76 - A person buys 500 worth of stock at 98; ; what must he sell at to gain 21 5s. by the transaction ? 16. Which is the better investment, bank stock paying 10 per cent, at 319, or Threo per Cent.
Page 99 - ... an hour ; what is the rate of the stream per hour? and how long would it take him to return against it) 114.
Page 105 - A person leaves 12670 to be divided among his five children and three brothers, so that, after the legacy duty has been paid, each child's share shall be twice as great as each brother's. The legacy duty on a child's share being one per cent., and on a brother's three per cent., find what each will receive...
Page 46 - If a person's estate be worth 1384. 16s. a year and the land be assessed at 2s. 9\d.
Page 56 - If a garrison of 600 men have provisions for 5 weeks, allowing each man 12 oz.

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