Second Course in Algebra

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Ginn, 1918 - Algebra - 277 pages
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Page 242 - Sines that the bisector of an angle of a triangle divides the opposite side into parts proportional to the adjacent sides.
Page 237 - In any proportion, the product of the extremes equals the product of the means.
Page 250 - Given that the area of a circle varies as the square of its radius...
Page 256 - The characteristic of the logarithm of a number greater than 1 is a positive integer or zero, and is one less than the number of digits to the left of the decimal point.
Page 11 - The product' of two binomials having a common term equals the square of the common term, plus the algebraic sum of the unlike terms multiplied by the common term, plus the algebraic product of the unlike terms.
Page 107 - See how many times this trial divisor is contained in all of the dividend, excepting the right hand figure, and write the quotient as the next figure of the root, and also place it at the right of the trial divisor, to form a true divisor.
Page 196 - ... members of the first equation by the corresponding members of the second.
Page 7 - Then divide the first term of the remainder by the first term of the divisor...
Page 107 - ... the next period for a new dividend. Double the part of the root already found for a new trial divisor and proceed as before until the desired number of digits of the root have been found.
Page 249 - It has been found by experiment that the distance a body falls from rest varies as the square of the time.

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