Report of the Committee of Council on Education in Scotland...[without Appendix]

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H.M. Stationery Office, 1901 - Education


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Page 334 - When I have borne in memory what has tamed Great Nations, how ennobling thoughts depart When men change swords for ledgers, and desert The student's bower for gold, some fears unnamed I had, my Country — am I to be blamed? Now, when I think of thee, and what thou art, Verily, in the bottom of my heart, Of those unfilial fears I am ashamed.
Page 174 - ... which may require to be referred to at a future time, or may otherwise deserve to be recorded. 37. No reflections or opinions of a general character are to be entered in the log-book.
Page 371 - Upon the same base, and on the same side of it, there cannot be two triangles that have their sides which are terminated in one extremity of the base equal to one another, and likewise those which are terminated in the other extremity.
Page 181 - Engagement. 78. At the close of their engagement* pupil-teachers are perfectly free in the choice of employment. If they wish to continue in the work of education, they may become assistants in...
Page 353 - La pitié est souvent un sentiment de nos propres maux dans les maux d'autrui; c'est une habile prévoyance des malheurs où nous pouvons tomber; nous donnons du secours aux autres pour les engager à nous en donner en de semblables occasions ; et ces services que nous leur rendons sont, à proprement parler, des biens que nous nous faisons à nousmêmes par avance.
Page 353 - Miranda," continued Prospero, "I was duke of Milan, and you were a princess and my only heir. I had a younger brother, whose name was Antonio, to whom I trusted everything; and as I was fond of retirement and deep study, I commonly left the management of my state affairs to your uncle, my false brother (for so indeed he proved). I, neglecting all worldly ends, buried among my books, did dedicate my whole time to the bettering of my mind. My brother Antonio being thus in possession of my power, began...
Page 180 - The Department is not a party to the engagement and confines itself to ascertaining, on the admission of the pupil-teacher and at the end of each year of the service — (a.) Whether the prescribed examination is passed before the inspector. (6.) Whether the prescribed certificates are produced from the managers and teachers.
Page 352 - Nous montions pour jouer au grenier du couvent, Et là, tout en jouant, nous regardions souvent, Sur le haut d'une armoire, un livre inaccessible. Nous grimpâmes un jour jusqu'à ce livre noir, Je ne sais pas comment nous fîmes pour l'avoir, Mais je me souviens bien que c'était une Bible. Ce vieux livre sentait une odeur d'encensoir. Nous allâmes ravis dans un coin nous asseoir. Des estampes partout!
Page 161 - ... and duly audited ; and all statistical returns and certificates of character (Articles 67, 77, and 80) may be accepted as trustworthy.
Page 172 - ... notice) for failure on the part of the managers to remedy any such defect in the premises as seriously interferes with the efficiency of the school, or to provide proper furniture, books, maps, and other apparatus of elementary instruction.

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