Catilina: For Use in Schools

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Macmillan and Company, 1883

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Page 5 - THE SEVEN KINGS OF. ROME. An Easy Narrative, abridged from the First Book of Livy by the omission of Difficult Passages; being a First Latin Reading Book, with Grammatical Notes and Vocabulary.
Page 39 - HALES— LONGER ENGLISH POEMS, with Notes, Philological and Explanatory, and an Introduction on the Teaching of English. Chiefly for Use in Schools. Edited by JW HALES, MA, Professor of English Literature at King's College, London.
Page 14 - Edgar (JH) and Pritchard (GS). — NOTE-BOOK ON PRACTICAL SOLID OR DESCRIPTIVE GEOMETRY. Containing Problems with help for Solutions. By JH EDGAR, MA, Lecturer on Mechanical Drawing at the Royal School of Mines, and GS PRITCHARD.
Page 55 - Supernatural Religion." Crown 8vo. los. 6d. INTRODUCTION TO THE STUDY OF THE FOUR GOSPELS. Fifth Edition. Crown 8vo. ios. 6d. THE BIBLE IN THE CHURCH. A Popular Account of the Collection and Reception of the Holy Scriptures in the Christian Churches. New Edition.
Page 10 - Prize Essay for 1877. 8vC. &r. 6d. SMITH— Works by the Rev. BARNARD SMITH, MA, Rector of Glaston, Rutland, late Fellow and Senior Bursar of St. Peter's College, Cambridge. ARITHMETIC AND ALGEBRA, in their Principles and Application ; with numerous systematically arranged Examples taken from the Cambridge Examination Papers, with especial reference to the Ordinary Examination for the BA Degree.
Page 42 - HISTORICAL OUTLINES OF ENGLISH ACCIDENCE, comprising Chapters on the History and Development of the Language, and on Word-formation. New Edition.
Page 43 - TRENCH (ARCHBISHOP)— Works by RC TRENCH, DD, Archbishop of Dublin. HOUSEHOLD BOOK OF ENGLISH POETRY. Selected and Arranged, with Notes. Third Edition. Extra fcap. 8vo.
Page 4 - THE LAST TWO KINGS OF MACEDON. SCENES FROM THE LAST DECADE OF LIVY. Selected and Edited by FH RAWLINS, MA, Fellow of King's College, Cambridge; and Assistant-Master at Eton College.
Page 33 - The attempt appears to us in every way (Successful. The stories are interesting in themselves, and are told with perfect simplicity and good feeling.
Page 19 - Alexander (T.). — ELEMENTARY APPLIED MECHANICS. Being the simpler and more practical Cases of Stress and Strain wrought out individually from first principles by means of Elementary Mathematics. By T. ALEXANDER, CE, Professor of Civil Engineering in the Imperial College of Engineering, Tokei, Japan. Crown 8vo. Part I. 4*. 6d. Alexander and Thomson.— ELEMENTARY APPLIED MECHANICS. By THOMAS ALEXANDER, CE, Professor...

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