Sequel to the inquiry, What is revelation? in letters; containing a reply to mr. Mansel's 'Examination of the rev. F.D. Maurice's strictures on the Bampton lectures of 1858'.

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Page 57 - Dangerous it were for the feeble brain of man to wade far into the doings of the Most High; whom although to know be life, and joy to make mention of his name; yet our soundest knowledge is, to know that we know him not as indeed he is, neither can know him ; and our safest eloquence concerning him, is our silence, when we confess without confession, that his glory is inexplicable, his greatness above our capacity and reach.
Page 18 - Prize Essay for 1877. 8vC. &r. 6d. SMITH— Works by the Rev. BARNARD SMITH, MA, Rector of Glaston, Rutland, late Fellow and Senior Bursar of St. Peter's College, Cambridge. ARITHMETIC AND ALGEBRA, in their Principles and Application ; with numerous systematically arranged Examples taken from the Cambridge Examination Papers, with especial reference to the Ordinary Examination for the BA Degree.
Page 9 - Still roll ; where all the aspects of misery Predominate ; whose strong effects are such As he must bear, being powerless to redress ; And that unless above himself he can Erect himself, how poor a thing is man...
Page 11 - ECLECTIC REVIEW. 5. Phaethon ; or, Loose Thoughts for Loose Thinkers. Third Edition. Crown 8vo. boards, 2*. "Its suggestions may meet halfway many a latent doubt, and, like a light breeze, lift from the soul clouds that are gathering heavily, and threatening to settle down in wintry gloom on the summer of many a fair and promising young life.
Page 4 - Volunteer's Scrap Book. By the Author of "The Cambridge Scrap Book." Crown 4to. 7s. 6d. WAGNER. — Memoir of the Rev. George Wagner, late of St. Stephen's, Brighton. By JN SIMPKINSON, MA Third and Cheaper Edition.
Page 114 - To think that God is, as we can think him to be, is blasphemy." — The Divinity, in a certain sense, is revealed; in a certain sense, is concealed: He is at once known and unknown. But the last and highest consecration of all true religion must be an altar — 'Ayvuffru 6eu — "To the unknown and unknowable God.
Page 13 - A volume which contains logical sagacity, and philosophic comprehension, as well as the magnanimity and courage of faith, in richer profusion than any other work bearing on religious matters that has been addressed to this generation.
Page 15 - ... track the vagaries of their theoretic ingenuity, without abandoning in the pursuit the clear sight and sound feeling of English common sense .... It is by far the best and most complete book. of the kind; and we should be glad to see it well placed on the lists of our examining chaplains...
Page 19 - Prelector of St. John's College, Cambridge. AN ELEMENTARY TREATISE ON MECHANICS. For the Use of the Junior Classes at the University and the Higher Classes in Schools.
Page 20 - PLANE CO-ORDINATE GEOMETRY, as applied to the Straight Line and the Conic Sections. With numerous Examples.

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