A Review of Algebra

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American Book Company, 1914 - Algebra - 80 pages

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Page 64 - He was once a candidate for the office of mayor ; but there being two other candidates, and a majority of all the votes cast being necessary for a choice, there was no election ; and he then withdrew from the contest.
Page 13 - In a series of equal ratios, the sum of the antecedents is to the sum of the consequents as any antecedent is to its consequent.
Page 31 - W, where a and b are constants depending on the amount of friction in the machine. If a force of 7 pounds will raise a weight of 20 pounds, and a force of 13 pounds will raise a weight of 50 pounds, what force is necessary to raise a weight of 40 pounds ? (First determine the constants a and b.) Harvard.
Page 49 - Find four numbers in arithmetical progression such that the sum of the first and third shall be 22, and the sum of the second and fourth 36.
Page 72 - The sum of three numbers is 51. If the first number be divided by the second, the quotient is 2 and the remainder 5 ; but if the second number be divided by the third, the quotient is 3 and the remainder 2.
Page 51 - ... 5. A person who possesses $15,000 employs a part of the money in building a house. He invests...
Page 49 - The sum of the first three terms of a GP is 21, and the sum of their squares is 189. What is the first term ? 9.
Page 64 - Substitute these values into the formula for the sum of the first n terms of a geometric progression, and simplify: a -ar...
Page 62 - ... terms of a proportion are 5 and 54; the sum of the second and third terms is 51; find them. 9. If A varies directly as P, inversely as Q, and directly as...
Page 77 - A dealer has two kinds of coffee, worth 30 and 40 cents per pound. How many pounds of each must be taken to make a mixture of 70 pounds, worth 36 cents per pound ? 8.

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