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There was a meeting arranged by Mr. Wankel of Germany and Mr. Sam Baylin of Montreal, Quebec, Canada Mr. Wankel sent two of his representatives to meet with Mr. Sam Baylin at his work place. Mr. Baylin showed and revealed to these representatives his original engine, a rotary engine that he , Mr. Sam Baylin himself built..The Baylin papers, the formal mechanical drawings were also shown and discussed with Mr. Wankel's "representatives". On the following day, a police report was made, indicating a break-in and theft at the Sam Baylin home in Ville St. Laurent,Montreal, Canada; the only things taken were the original mechanical drawings of Mr. Sam Baylin and the wood model. The thieves, however, dropped the model of the rotary engine of Mr. Baylin, having escaped through the back door when Mr.Sam Baylin and his wife, came home unexpectedly. The original model was dropped in the snow. The police were called. One week later, Mr. Wankel in Germany came out with a patent on 'his' rotary engine model. The model was an exact, and complete replication of Mr. Sam Baylin's above-invented rotary engine. This engine was used in Mazda cars subsequently. Therefore, the dates and history regarding the rotary engine could be verified and altered in accord with historical evidence and police reports of that same year, winter, 1946. 

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