Plumbers' Handbook

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McGraw-Hill book Company, Incorporated, 1922 - Plumbing - 629 pages

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Page 524 - Measures of Length. 10 millimeters (mm.) 1 centimeter (cm.) 10 centimeters 1 decimeter (dm.) 10 decimeters 1 meter (m.) 10 meters 1 dekameter (Dm.) 10 dekameters 1 hectometer (Hm.) 10 hectometers 1 kilometer (Km.) 10 kilometers 1 myriameter (Mm.) 1181.
Page 607 - All connections of lead with iron pipes must be made with a brass sleeve or ferrule of the same size as the lead pipe, put in the hub of the branch of the iron pipe, and caulked with lead. The lead pipe must be attached to the ferrule by a wiped or overcast joint.
Page 179 - ... larger than those shown in the table are measured by the outside diameter and will be furnished with plain ends unless otherwise specified; for such sizes it will be necessary to accept Manufacturers' weights or calculate the weights on the basis of one cubic inch of steel weighing 0.2833 Ib.
Page 505 - The logarithm of any power of a number is equal to the logarithm of the number multiplied by the exponent of the power.
Page 601 - Drains. id. ; 8. The main drainage system of every house or building shall be separately and independently connected with the street sewer, where such sewer exists, except where two houses are built together on a lot with a frontage of thirty feet or less., when one connection with main sewer will be allowed ; but there shall be a separate house drain for each house, connected by a "Y...
Page 538 - In multiple dwellings the walls of all courts, unless built of a light color brick or stone, shall be thoroughly whitewashed by the owner or shall be painted a light color by him, and shall be so maintained. Such whitewash or paint shall be renewed whenever necessary, as may be required by the health officer.
Page 609 - The branches on vertical lines must be made by "Y" fittings, and be carried to the safe with as much pitch as possible.
Page 611 - Vent lines shall be connected at the bottom with a soil or waste pipe or with the drain, in such a manner as to prevent accumulation of rust scale and properly to drip the water of condensation.
Page 538 - ... yards, areaways, vacant rooms and spaces, and all parts and places used in common in a clean, sanitary and safe condition, and shall keep such parts thereof as may reasonably be required by the commissioner of labor properly lighted at all hours or times when said building is in use for factory purposes.
Page 607 - All sewer, soil and waste pipes must be as direct as possible. Changes in direction must be made with "Y" or half "Y" branches, or one-eighth bends. Offsets in soil or waste pipes will not be permitted when they can be avoided ; nor, in any case, unless suitable provision is made to prevent accumulation of rust or other obstruction. Offsets shall be made with forty-five degree bends, or similar fittings. The use of T-"Y's" (sanitary T's) will be permitted on upright lines only.

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