New Elementary Arithmetic: Embracing Mental and Written Exercises for Beginners : Prepared to Accompany the Mathematical Series of Benjamin Greenleaf by the Editor of "New Practical Arithmetic," "New Elementary Algebra," Etc., in the Series

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Robert S. Davis & Company, 1879 - Arithmetic - 224 pages
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Page 137 - DRY MEASURE 2 pints (pt.) = 1 quart (qt.) 8 quarts =1 peck (pk.) 4 pecks = 1 bushel (bu...
Page 136 - LIQUID MEASURE 4 gills (gi.) = 1 pint (pt.) 2 pints = 1 quart (qt...
Page 133 - SQUARE MEASURE 144 square inches (sq. in.) = 1 square foot (sq. ft.) 9 square feet = 1 square yard (sq. yd.) 30j square yards = 1 square rod (sq.
Page 135 - Cubic Measure 1728 cubic inches (cu. in.) =1 cubic foot (cu. ft.) 27 cubic feet = 1 cubic yard (cu. yd.) 128 cubic feet = 1 cord (cd...
Page 38 - Multiplication is the process of taking one number as many times as there are units in another number.
Page 132 - Hence, The area of a rectangle is equal to the product of the length by the breadth.
Page 79 - Divide the product of the remaining factors of the dividend by the product of the remaining factors of the divisor, and the result will be the quotient.
Page 64 - TABLE. 10 Mills (m.) = 1 Cent . . ct. 10 Cents = 1 Dime . . d. 10 Dimes = 1 Dollar . $. 10 Dollars = 1 Eagle . E.
Page 119 - RULE. — Write the less number under the greater, so that figures of the same decimal place shall stand in the same column. Subtract as in whole numbers, and point off the remainder as in addition of decimals.
Page 123 - QQ223 ^e divisor is -0^i the quotient must be one hundred times as large, and .00023 multi.023 plied by 100, by removing the point two orders to the right, gives .023. Therefore, the quotient of .00115 divided by .05 is .023. Rule. — Divide as in integers, and point off as many figures for decimals in the quotient as the number of decimal figures in the dividend exceeds that in the divisor, supplying the deficiency, if any, by prefixing ciphers ; or, What is the dividend equal to?

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