A Text-book of Geography for the Use of Schools

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Page 334 - God bringeth thee into a good land, a land of brooks of water, of fountains and depths that spring out of valleys and hills ; a land of wheat, and barley, and vines, and fig trees, and pomegranates ; a land of oil olive, and honey...
Page 8 - SESSIONAL SCHOOL BOOKS. Etymological Guide. 2s. 6d. This is a collection, alphabetically arranged, of the principal roots, affixes, and prefixes, with their derivatives and compounds. Old Testament Biography, containing notices of the chief persons in Holy Scripture, in the form of Questions, with references to Scripture for the Answers. 6d. New Testament Biography, on the same Plan. 6d.
Page 19 - The First Part comprehends Words in Common Use, Terms connected with Science and the Fine Arts, Historical, Geographical, and Biographical Names, with the Pronunciation according to the French Academy and the most eminent Lexicographers and Grammarians. The Second Part is an ample Dictionary of English words, with the Pronunciation according to the best Authorities. The whole is preceded by a Practical and Comprehensive System of French Pronunciation. 7s. 6d., strongly bound.
Page 12 - ... in subordination to the rest of the narrative, the growth of Law and of the Constitution. History of England for Junior Classes; with Questions for Examination. Edited by HENRY WHITE, BA, Trinity College, Cambridge, MA and Ph. Dr. Heidelberg. Is.
Page 22 - Hunter's livy. Books XXI. to XXV. With Critical and Explanatory Notes. Reduced to 2s. Latin Prose Composition : The Construction of Clauses, with Illustrations from Cicero and Caesar; a Vocabulary containing an Explanation of every Word in the Text ; and an Index Verborum. By JOHN MASSIE, AM 3s.
Page 3 - Book is also progressively arranged, — the lessons which are more easily read and understood always taking the lead, and preparing the way for those of greater difficulty. The subject-matter of the Books is purposely miscellaneous. Yet it is always of a character to excite the interest and enlarge the knowledge of the reader. And with the design of more effectually promoting his mental growth and nurture, the various topics are introduced in an order conformable to that in which the chief faculties...
Page 14 - A Complete System of Arithmetic, Theoretical and Practical ; containing the Fundamental Rules, and their Application to Mercantile Computations ; Vulgar and Decimal Fractions ; Involution and Evolution ; Series ; Annuities, Certain and Contingent. By Mr TROTTER.
Page 14 - Exercises on the proposed Decimal Coinage have been added. Lessons in Arithmetic for Advanced Classes; Being a Continuation of the Lessons in Arithmetic for Junior Classes. Containing Vulgar and Decimal Fractions ; Simple and Compound Proportion, with their Applications; Simple and Compound Interest; Involution and Evolution, etc. By ALEXANDER TROTTER.
Page 3 - M'Culloch's Fourth Reading-Book, containing only Lessons likely to interest. With SYNOPSIS of SPELLING. Is. 6d. Dr M'Culloch's Series of Lessons in Prose and Verse. 2s. Dr M'Culloch's Course of Elementary Reading in SCIENCE and LITERATURE, compiled from popular Writers.
Page 19 - DICTIONARY, without the Pronunciation. 3s. 6d. strongly bound. Surenne's Fenelon's Telemaque. 2 vols, Is. each, stiff wrapper ; or bound together, 2s. 6d. Surenne's Voltaire's Histoire de Charles XII. Is. stiff wrapper ; or Is. 6d. bound. Surenne's Voltaire's Histoire de Russie sous Pierre LE GRAND.

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