An Elementary Arithmetic: With Oral and Written Exercises

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E. H. Butler, 1894 - Arithmetic - 191 pages

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Page 146 - TIME 60 seconds (sec.) = 1 minute (min.) 60 minutes =1 hour (hr.) 24...
Page 85 - DIVISION is the process of finding how many times one number is contained in another, or of finding one of the equal parts of a number.
Page 75 - Multiplication is the process of taking one number as many times as there are units in another.
Page 102 - Multiplying or dividing both terms of a fraction by the same number does not change the value of the fraction.
Page 157 - A circle is a plane figure bounded by a curved line, every point of which is equally distant from a point within called the center.
Page 85 - It shows that the number before it is to be divided by the number after it. Thus 6 -i- 2 = 3 is read, 6 divided by 2 is equal to 3.
Page 57 - Addition is the process of finding the sum of two or more numbers.
Page 133 - ... point off as many decimal places as the number of decimal places in the dividend exceed those in the divisor, prefixing ciphers to the quotient, if necessary.
Page 124 - If two persons start from the same point, and travel in opposite directions, one at the rate of 6 miles an hour, and the other 4 miles an hour, how far apart will they be in 7 hours ? in 9 hours ? in 12 hours ? 5.

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