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Power to


Surgical officers of Hospital.

(6.) They shall submit for approval of the said Senate all plans and elevations for the said Hospital and all buildings connected therewith, and also all plans for laying out the grounds to be used in connection with such Hospital and buildings.

(7.) There shall be reserved for the use of the public a road or pathway through the said portion of land of such width and between such points as the Governor with the advice of the Executive Council may prescribe on that behalf.

And upon the breach of any of the said conditions it shall be lawful for the Governor, with the advice of the Executive Council, to resume the said portion of land together with all buildings erected thereon for the use of Her Majesty her heirs and successors.

III. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary conMedical and tained in the "Prince Alfred Hospital Act," all appointments of the Medical or Surgical officers of the said Hospital shall be vested in the Board, to consist of the Senate of the said University and the Directors of the said Hospital acting conjointly, and the power of making any such appointment may be exercised at any meeting or adjourned meeting of such Board by a majority of the members thereof, at which meeting there shall be present not fewer members than a quorum of such Senate, as defined by the Act 16 Victoria No. 28, and a quorum of the Directors of the said Hospital.

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IV. It shall be lawful for the Senate of the said University to make By-laws regulating the mode of appointment of Professors and Lecturers on the staff of the said Medical School and for the Board, described in the next preceding section, to make By-laws regulating the mode in which the Students of the said Medical School shall have access to and the course of studies to be pursued in the said Hospital. And such By-laws shall, on approval by the Governor with the advice aforesaid, be binding on the said University and on the Prince Alfred Hospital, and shall be laid before Parliament within fourteen days after such approval

if Parliament be then sitting, and if not, then within fourteen days after the commencement of the next ensuing Session thereof.

V. This Act may be cited as the "Prince Alfred Short title. Memorial Hospital Site Dedication Act, 1873."


Eleven acres three roods six perches County of Cumberland Parish of Petersham (portion of the University lands) commencing on the eastern building line of the Missenden Road at the southern corner of the St. John's College grant and bounded thence on the west by that building line bearing south twenty-four degrees twenty-six minutes east eight chains and nine links on the south by a line bearing sixty-five degrees thirty-four minutes east nine chains and fifty-four links to the left bank of a watercourse on the east by that watercourse downwards to its intersection therewith by the north-easterly prolongation of the southeastern boundary of the aforesaid St. John's College grant and on the north-west by a line partly forming the south-eastern boundary of that grant bearing south thirty-four degrees thirtyfive minutes west thirteen chains and forty-four links to the point of commencement.


All By-laws heretofore passed by the Senate and now in force are hereby repealed, and in lieu thereof the following By-laws shall be and are hereby declared to be the By-laws under which the University of Sydney shall henceforth be governed. Provided always, that nothing herein contained shall be deemed to revive any By-law previously repealed, or to prejudice any matter already done or commenced under any By-law hitherto in force.


1. The election to the office of Chancellor shall take place 5-7-87 at a duly convened meeting of the Senate to be held in Lent Term.

2.-The Chancellor shall be elected for a period of three 5-7-87 years (except as hereinafter provided) to be computed from the date of election, but shall be eligible for re-election.

3.—In the event of the office of Chancellor becoming vacant 5-7-87 by death, resignation, or otherwise, before the expiration of the full term of office herein prescribed, the election of a successor shall be proceeded with at the next ensuing regular meeting of the Senate, and the Chancellor so appointed shall hold office until the Lent Term next after the expiration of three years from the date of such election.

4. The election of Vice-Chancellor shall take place 5-7-87 annually at a duly convened meeting of the Senate, to be held in Lent Term, except as in cases otherwise provided by the Act of Incorporation.

5. The Chancellor and Vice-Chancellor shall be members 6-5-90 ex-officio of every Faculty, Board, or Committee appointed by any By-law or otherwise by the Senate; and at every meeting of any such Faculty, Board, or Committee, the Chancellor, or in his absence the Vice-Chancellor, or, in the absence of both, the Chairman shall preside, or in his absence a member elected for that sitting. The President at such meetings shall have a vote, and in case of an equality of votes a second or casting vote.

NOTE.-The dates in the margin are the dates of the approval of the various By-laws by His Excellency the Governor in Council.




7-11-93 1. The Senate shall meet on the first Monday in every month, or on the nearest convenient day should such first Monday be a public holiday, and may adjourn from time to time to conclude any unfinished business.

5-7-87 2. At any time in the interval between such meetings it shall be competent for the Chancellor, or in his absence the Vice-Chancellor, in any case of emergency, to call a special meeting of the Senate, to be held as soon as conveniently may be, for the consideration of any business which he may wish to submit to them.


5-7-87 3. Upon the written requisition of any three members the Chancellor, or in his absence the Vice-Chancellor, or in the absence of both the Registrar, shall convene a special meeting of the Senate, to be held as soon as conveniently may be after the expiration of seven days from the receipt of such requisition. 4.-Except in any case of emergency as aforesaid, no motion initiating a subject for discussion shall be made but in pursuance of notice given at the previous meeting, and every such notice shall be entered in a book to be kept by the Registrar for that purpose. 5-7-87 5. The Registrar shall issue to each member of the Senate a summons with a written specification of the various matters to be considered at the next meeting of the Senate, whether such meeting be an ordinary or special one; and such summons, except in any case of emergency, as aforesaid, shall be issued at least three days previous to such meeting.




6. In the event of a quorum of the Senate not being present at any meeting within half an hour after the hour appointed the members then present may appoint any convenient future day, of which at least three days' notice shall be given by the Registrar in the usual manner.

7. All the proceedings of the Senate shall be entered in a journal, and at the opening of each meeting the minutes of the preceding meeting shall be read and confirmed, and the signature of the chairman then presiding shall be attached thereto.

8.-If any Fellow shall, without leave from the Senate, be absent from the aforesaid meetings for six consecutive calendar months his fellowship shall, ipso facto, become vacant; provided that, in computing the said six consecutive months, the month of January shall not be taken into account.

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