The artillerist's manual, and compendium of infantry exercise

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Page 283 - In the same manner multiply all the multiplicand by the inches, or second denomination, in the multiplier) and set the result of each term one place removed to the right 'hand of those in the multiplicand.
Page 300 - MECHANICAL POWERS are certain simple instruments employed in raising greater weights, or overcoming greater resistance than could be effected by the direct application of natural strength. They are usually accounted six in number; viz. the Lever, the Wheel and Axle, the Pulley, the Inclined Plane, the Wedge, and the Screw.
Page 356 - A cylinder is a solid figure described by the revolution of a right angled parallelogram about one of its sides, which remains fixed. XXII. The axis of a cylinder is the fixed straight line about which the parallelogram revolves.
Page 273 - To reduce fractions of different denominators to equivalent fractions, having...
Page 298 - If the vessel have a poop or half-deck, or a break in the upper deck, measure the inside mean length, breadth, and height of such part thereof as may be included within the bulkhead; multiply these three measurements together, and, dividing the product by 92.4, the quotient will be the number of tons to be added to the result as above found.
Page 356 - A sphere is a solid figure described by the revolution of a semicircle about its diameter, which remains unmoved.
Page 285 - The root of any number, or power, is such a number, as .being multiplied into itself a certain number of times, will produce that power. Thus, 2 is the square root...
Page 331 - ... gun. — From the same table it also appears, that the time of the ball's flight is nearly as the range; the gun and elevation being the same.
Page 180 - ... it is received by the man on the other side, who hauls it through, hooking the tackle to it, both men holding up the ends of the sling. The men at the breast, and behind bring their ropes round, and make them fast to the grummets. The driver holds the horse's head, and makes fast the guys to it. The horse being previously blindfolded, the word " HOIST AWAY" is given, and he is hoisted on board.
Page 286 - When the power is expressed by several numbers, with the sign -(-or — between them, a line, or vinculum, is drawn from the top of the sign over all the parts of it ; thus, the square root of 21 — 5 is \/ 21 — 5, &c. EXTRACTION OF THE SQUARE ROOT. IT 107. To extract the square root of any number is to find a number, which, being multiplied into itself, shall produce the given number.

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