A short and easy course of algebra

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Page 2 - ATLASES. Brewer's Elementary Atlas of History and Geography, royal 8vo ........... 12s. 6d. Butler's Atlas of Ancient Geography, royal 8vo ............................. 12s. ,, Junior Ancient Atlas, royal 8vo ................ 4s. 6d. „ General Atlas of Modern and Ancient Geography, royal ito ........ 24s.
Page 1 - Algebra made Easy, intended chiefly for the use of Schools, 12mo. . . 2s. Thomson's Elementary Treatise, 12mo. (Key, 4s. 6d.) 5s. Wood's Elements, for University Students, by Lund, 8vo 12s. 6d. Lund's Companion to Ditto, 8vo 6s. 6d. Young's Elementary Treatise, 12mo. (Key, by Spiller, 6s.) 6s. ARITHMETIC. Blain's Rationale of Arithmetical Teaching, 12mo Is.
Page 9 - Moody's New Eton Latin Grammar, in English, 12mo. (Accidence, Is.) .... 2s. 6d. Pycroft's Latin Grammar Practice, 12mo 2s. 6d. Rapier's Second Latin Verse-Book, by Arnold, 12mo. (Key, 2s. 6d.) 3s. 6d. Valpy's Elements of Latin Grammar, with short English Notes, 12mo 2s.
Page 149 - If the illumination from a source of light varies inversely as the square of the distance, how much farther from a candle must a book, which is now 15 inches off, be removed, so as to receive just one-third as much light ? 20.
Page 2 - Is. ; Hall's Outline Maps Is. Hughes's General Atlas for Elementary Schools, 18mo. (coloured, Is. 6d.) . . Is. „ Introductory Atlas of Modern Geography, 12mo 2s. 6d. „ Atlas of Physical, Political, and Commercial Geography, royal 8vo.lOs.
Page 44 - Multiply the numerators together for a new numerator, and the denominators together for a new denominator.
Page 82 - A cistern is filled in 50 minutes by 3 pipes, one of which conveys 10 gallons more, and the other 8 gallons less than the third, per minute.
Page 9 - Mensuration, 12mo. (Key, 5s.) 6s. Scott's Mensuration and Trigonometry, for Sandhurst College, 8vo 9s. 6d. Tate's Principles of Mensuration, Land-Surveying, Levelling, &c., 12mo — 3s.
Page 115 - Divide 30 into two such parts, that the difference of their squares shall be 300.
Page 2 - Maunder's Biographical Treasury, fcp. 8vo 10s. Merivale's Life and Letters of Cicero, 12mo 9s. 6d. Stepping-Stone to Biography, in Question and Answer, 18mo Is.

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