Audels New Marine Engineers Guide: A Practical Treatise on Marine Engines, Boilers and Auxiliary Machinery, Including Theory and Practice of the Steam Turbine--electricity--electric Ship Propulsion--refrigeration--oil Fuel--gasoline, Oil and Diesel Engines--gas Producers--mathematics on Approved Rules for Calculating the Safety Valve--horse Power--capacity of Coal Bunkers, Tanks, Etc., and Breakdowns and Repairs at Sea; Also U.S. Government Rules and Regulations Regarding Engineers' Licenses

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T. Audel & Company, 1918 - Marine engineering - 866 pages
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Page 168 - ... and divide by the radius or half diameter, also expressed in inches; and the result will be the pressure allowable per square inch of surface for single riveting, to which add 20...
Page 85 - ... and each spring-loaded valve shall be supplied with a lever that will raise the valve from its seat a distance of not less than that equal to one-eighth...
Page 93 - ... except for special license as engineer of a steam vessel of any kind of 10 gross tons or under on which a licensed engineer is required) who has not served at least 36 months in the engineers' department of a steam vessel, except as hereinafter provided.
Page 12 - The Greatest Common Divisor of two or more numbers is the greatest number that will exactly divide each of them. Thu4, 18 is the greatest, common divisor of 36 and 54, since it is the greatest number that will divide each of them without a remainder.
Page 85 - The valves shall be so arranged that each boiler shall have at least one separate safety valve, unless the arrangement is such as to preclude the possibility of shutting off the communication of any boiler with the safety valve or valves employed. This arrangement shall also apply to lock-up safety valves when they are employed.
Page 337 - Conditions of acceptance and stowage. (1) All cotton shall be securely baled and bound and covered with bagging on at least three-fourths of its surface, including both ends of the bale...
Page 803 - That no license as master, mate, or pilot of any class of vessel shall be renewed without furnishing a satisfactory certificate of examination as to color blindness.
Page 93 - ... being known) to withstand any given pressure of steam in a boiler, or who is not able to figure and determine the strain brought on the braces of a boiler with a given pressure of steam, the position and distance apart of braces being known, such knowledge to be determined by...
Page 167 - That the pipe and hose shall in no instance be less than 1% inches in internal diameter. 167.45-20 Examination and testing of pumps and fire-extinguishing equipment. The inspectors will examine all pumps, hose, and other fire apparatus and will see that the hose is subjected to a pressure of 100 pounds to the square inch at each annual inspection and that the hose couplings are securely fastened.
Page 379 - No copper pipe constructed after June 30, 1905, shall have any bend whose radius is less than one and one-half times the diameter of the pipe and such pipe shall be so led and flanges so placed that they may be readily taken down if required. Such pipes shall be protected by iron casings when run through coal bunkers, and shall be clear of the coal chutes. The...

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