The Common-school Arithmetic: Designed for Learners of Every Class; and Particularly for Those who are Desirous of Acquiring a Thorough Knowledge of Practical Mathematics

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A. Hutchinson, 1848 - Arithmetic - 277 pages


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Page 114 - Thirty days hath September, April, June, and November ; All the rest have thirty-one, Except the second month alone, Which has but twenty-eight, in fine, Till leap year gives it twenty-nine.
Page 256 - EF, or his certain attorney, his executors, administrators, or assigns, to which payment, well and truly to be made, I bind myself, my heirs, executors and administrators, firmly by these presents.
Page 171 - The first and fourth terms of a proportion are called the extremes, and the second and third terms, the means. Thus, in the foregoing proportion, 8 and 3 are the extremes and 4 and 6 are the means.
Page 93 - RULE. Multiply all the numerators together for a new numerator, and all the denominators for a new denominator: then reduce the new fraction to its lowest terms.
Page 212 - RULE. — Divide the given sum by the amount of $1 for the given time and rate, and the quotient will be the present worth, and the remainder will be the discount.
Page 200 - Multiply the true divisor by the last root figure, subtract the product from the dividend, and to the remainder annex the next period for a new dividend.
Page 256 - The Condition of this Obligation is such, That if the above bounden his heirs, executors, administrators, or any of them shall and do well and truly pay...
Page 212 - Divide the given sum by the amount of $1 for the given time, and the quotient will be the PRESENT WORTH.
Page 203 - Progression, any three of them being given, the other two may be found, viz : — 4. 1. The first term. 2. The last term. 3. The number of terms 4 The sum of all the terms.
Page 102 - Subtract the numerator of the subtrahend from the numerator of the minuend, and place the difference over the common denominator.

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