Cyclopedia of Architecture, Carpentry and Building: A General Reference Work...

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American school of correspondence, 1907 - Architecture
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Page 26 - ... reddish brown in color. It warps and checks badly, is not durable if exposed, and is hard to work. The species of gum tree used in carpentry is the sweet gum, which is of medium size, with straight trunk ; it does not form forests, though it is quite abundant east of the Mississippi River. flaple. Almost all of the maple used in building work comes from the sugar maple tree, which is most abundant in the region of the Great Lakes, but which is also found from Maine to Minnesota, and southward...
Page 245 - SCALE OF WAGES The item of cost of labor, on construction of any kind, is at best a variable quantity, dependent to a large degree upon competition, demand, and labor organization. The cost of labor is steadily on the increase, while the hours of labor are continually decreasing.
Page 40 - ... is employed. The available bearing area here is furnished by the surfaces da and bc and it may easily be seen that this area is the same as would be available if the piece rested directly on top of the sill. The operation of cutting such a tenon and mortise is known as "gaining," and one piece is said to be "gained
Page 3 - ... connected with building. Grateful acknowledgment is here made also for the invaluable cooperation of the foremost architects, engineers, and builders in making these volumes thoroughly representative of the very best and latest practice in the design and construction of buildings ; also for the valuable drawings and data, suggestions, criticisms, and other courtesies. JB JOHNSON, CE Formerly Dean, College of Mechanics and Engineering. University of Wisconsin Author of "Engineering Contracts and...
Page 26 - ... work. GENERAL CHARACTERISTICS OF TIMBER In speaking of wood we are accustomed to use certain words to express our idea of its mechanical properties, or of its probable behavior under certain conditions. Thus we say that a wood is hard, or tough, or brittle, or flexible, and frequently we use these terms without having a clear understanding of just what they mean. A very brief discussion of some of these properties or characteristics of...
Page 5 - FRANCIS BACON CROCKER, ME, Ph. D. Head of Department of Electrical Engineering, Columbia University; Past President American Institute of Electrical Engineers. Author of "Electric Lighting," "Practical Management of Dynamos and Motors.
Page 52 - Corner. . . . way than it is to use a large, solid timber, and if the parts are well spiked together, such a sill is fully as good as the other. When a sill of this kind is used, however, it should always be placed on the wall in such a way that the planks of which it is made up will set up on edge and not lie flat. Fig. 59. Joint of Sills at Corner. Fig. 60. "Built-up "Sill.
Page 69 - After the wall, the next important part of the house frame to be considered is the floors, which are usually framed while the wall is being put up and before it is finished. They must be made not only strong enough to carry any load which may come upon them, but also stiff enough so that they will not vibrate when a person walks across the floor, as is the case in some cheaply-built houses. The floors are formed of girders and beams, or "joists," the girders being large, heavy timbers which support...
Page 136 - Girder. only be placed at points where there are posts, and to support the ends of the joists which come between the posts there must be a girder d running along the front of the- gallery and supported by the braced cantilevers at the points where posts are placed. Timber Trusses. In the discussion of roofs and roof framing, only those were considered which could be framed with...

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