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Looking path signal with cancer treatment
Current use of various means, including DNA chip technology to determine the types of cancer, disease recurrence and response to treatment, etc. are
applied to many, many different studies have shown that gene expression can be used for the analysis of cancer pathways. From Duke University, two research groups of this research is further evidence of several oncogenic pathways (oncogenic pathways) (oncogenic signaling pathway) during activation of gene expression signals can be reflected. Bild, who studied oncogenes reflect various signaling channels for the excitation pattern of gene expression. Using the combination of features of these channels, they can predict which breast cancer, ovarian cancer or lung cancer relatively poor prognosis. In this way identify a specific type of cancer in the ability to control the molecular passage, perhaps used to predict the type of cancer therapy for a particular sensitivity. Solit, who studied the RAS and BRAF gene mutations (considered at least in part by stimulating the MEK / ERK signaling channels to cause cancer) tumor cells. They found that BRAF mutation, but no tumors PD0325901 RAS mutations are highly sensitive. <a href="">PD0325901</a> is a MEK inhibitor, is using melanoma, colon, breast and lung cancer patients for early clinical trials. So, by the existence of BRAF mutation test, maybe you can identify which patients are most likely to benefit from this type of medication.
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