Horn's Graduated standard arithmetical exercises. With answers

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Page 78 - If 4 men can do a piece of work in 20 days, how long will it take 5 men to do a similar piece of work ? 2.
Page 42 - Months, the number of days in each of which are easily remembered by means of the following lines : Thirty days hath September, April, June, and November : February has twenty-eight alone, And all the rest have thirty-one : But leap-year coming once in four, February then has one day more.
Page 80 - If 264 men, in 5 days of 12 hours each, can dig a trench 240 yards long, 3 wide, and 2 deep, in how many days, of 9 hours long, will 24 men dig a trench, 420 yards long, 5 wide, and 3 deep ? SOLUTION.
Page 87 - Divide 300 among three persons, so that the first shall have twice as much as the second, and the third twice as much as the other two together.
Page 80 - If 12 oxen be worth 29 sheep, 15 sheep worth 25 hogs, 17 hogs worth 3 loads of wheat, and 8 loads of wheat worth 13 loads of barley; how many loads of barley must be given for 20 oxen ? Ans.
Page 42 - How many signs in 4820243"? 5. How many seconds in 360 ? REDUCTION" OF COMPOUND NUMBEES. MISCELLANEOUS TABLE. Mi. The following denominations, frequently used, are not embraced in the preceding tables. 12 units make 1 dozen. 12 dozen " 1 gross. 12 gross " 1 great gross. 20 units " 1 score. 24 sheets of Paper " 1 quire. 20 quires " 1 ream. 2 reams " 1 bundle. 6 bundles
Page 87 - Supposing that in England gunpowder is made of 75 parts of nitre, 10 of sulphur, and 15 of charcoal; in France, of 77 of nitre, 9 of sulphur, and 14 of charcoal; if a ton of each be mixed, what weight of nitre, sulphur, and charcoal will there be in the compound ? 8.
Page 39 - How many bushels of potatoes at $ per bushel will pay for 12 bushels of wheat at $ 1.20 per bushel? 502. A grocer bought a hogshead of molasses containing 128 gallons at $0.64 per gallon. He paid $2.08 for cartage and lost 16 gallons by leakage. At what price per gallon must the remainder be sold to gain of the entire cost?
Page 82 - Os. 3d., be insured at 2 6s. 8d. per cent., that the owner may recover, in case of loss, the value of both goods and premium ? 102.

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