Physics in Everyday Life

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Lyons and Carnahan, 1921 - Physics - 566 pages

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Page 30 - Change of motion is proportional to the impressed force and takes place in the direction of the straight line in which the force acts.
Page 17 - Apothecaries' weight 20 grains = 1 scruple 3 scruples = 1 dram 8 drams = 1 ounce 12 ounces = 1 pound Avoirdupois weight 27 i1 grains = 1 dram 16 drams = 1 ounce 16 ounces = 1 pound 2,000 Ibs.
Page 426 - A stroke of lightning is a charge of electricity which passes with terrific force from one cloud to another, or from a cloud to the earth, or from the earth to a cloud.
Page 198 - BTU, represents the amount of heat required to raise one pound of water one degree Fahrenheit in temperature.
Page 216 - Relative humidity" means the ratio of the amount of water vapor in the air at a specific temperature to the maximum water vapor capacity of the air at that temperature. (v) "Residential building...
Page 475 - Ike current is directly proportional to the electromotive force and inversely proportional to the resistance.
Page 503 - Daniell's cells are to be used each having an EMF of 1 volt and an internal resistance of 3 ohms.
Page 452 - ... is proportional to the strength of the current and to the time...
Page 198 - The specific heat of a substance is numerically equal to the number of calories required to raise the temperature of one gram of the substance one degree Centigrade.

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