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Page 36 - ... the ratio of the specific heat of air at constant pressure to the specific heat at constant volume.
Page 38 - I place a sheet of vulcanised india-rubber on a sheet of tinfoil, and a second sheet of tinfoil upon the rubber. I connect the lower sheet with the earth, and the upper one with the conductor of an electrical machine. What occurs when the machine is set in motion ? 4.
Page 37 - Water is part of the juice of the orange ; how do you suppose the water to be acted on when the two metals in the last experiment are connected together ? You must here state the composition of water, both by weight and volume.
Page 25 - The locus of the middle points of a system of parallel chords in a parabola is called a diameter.
Page 18 - TRIANGLES upon the same base, and between the same parallels, are equal to one another.
Page 21 - To construct a parallelogram equal to a given triangle and having one of its angles equal to a given angle.
Page 34 - Eight questions are to be attempted: two in acoustics; three in light; three in heat. In all cases the number of the question must be placed before the answer on the worked paper. Three hours are allowed for this paper. 1 . The velocity of sound in water is much greater than its velocity in air ; why is this the case ? 2. You are required to express numerically the elasticity of the air on the top of a mountain as high as Mont Blanc, on the top of a mountain as high as Ben Nevis, and at the sea level...
Page 18 - In all cases the number of the question must be placed before the answer on the worked paper. The value attached to each question is shown in brackets after the question.
Page 37 - Describe the gold-leaf electroscope, and state the principle of its action. 6. I grind sulphur in a mortar, and thus electrify it. I place some of the electrified powder on the plate of a gold-leaf electroscope ; the leaves diverge ; why ? since the sulphur is an insulator, and does not part with its electricity. I remove the powder by means of an insulator ; what will occur, and why will it occur ? 7.
Page 37 - You are to examine by means of a magnetic needle, the magnetic condition of a piece of soft iron. You are also to examine the condition of a piece of magnetic iron ore of the same size and shape as the iron. State some of the differences which are sure to show themselves between both.

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