The first (-fifth and sixth) 'standard' reading and home lesson book, by two certificated masters [T.S. Birkby and J. Grayston].

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Page 28 - WHENE'ER I take my walks abroad, How many poor I see ! What shall I render to my God For all his gifts to me ? . Not more than others I deserve, Yet God hath given me more ; For I have food while others starve, Or beg from door to door.
Page 44 - To do to others as I would That they should do to me, Will make me honest, kind and good, As every child should be.
Page 78 - Let my sins be all forgiven ! Bless the friends I love so well ! Take me, when I die, to heaven, Happy there with thee to dwell ! VI.
Page 32 - Where the hazel bank is steepest, Where the shadow falls the deepest, Where the clustering nuts fall free, That's the way for Billy and me.
Page 28 - While others early learn to swear, And curse, and lie, and steal ; Lord, I am taught Thy name to fear, And do Thy holy will. Are these Thy favours, day by day, To me above the rest ? Then let me love Thee more than they, And try to serve Thee best.
Page 53 - God entrusts to all Talents, few or many ; None so young and small That they have not any.
Page 79 - Who ran to help me when I fell, And would some pretty story tell, Or kiss the place to make it well? My Mother. Who taught my infant lips to pray, And love GOD'S holy book and day, And walk in wisdom's pleasant way?
Page 32 - Boy's Song Where the pools are bright and deep, Where the gray trout lies asleep, Up the river and o'er the lea, That's the way for Billy and me. Where the blackbird sings the latest, Where the hawthorn blooms the sweetest, Where the nestlings chirp and flee, That's the way for Billy and me. Where the mowers mow the cleanest, Where the hay lies thick and greenest, There to trace the homeward bee, That's the way for Billy and me.
Page 53 - God will surely ask, Ere I enter heaven, Have I done the task Which to me was given ? Little drops of rain Bring the springing flowers ; And I may attain Much by little powers.
Page 49 - He went about, He was so kind, To cure poor people who were blind, And many who were sick and lame, He pitied them, and did the same.

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