First Latin Book: Remodelled and Rewritten, and Adapted to the Ollendorff Method of Instruction

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D. Appleton & Company, 1857 - Latin language - 302 pages


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Page 2 - When it contains a diphthong, as the first syllable of cccdo. 2) When its vowel is followed by /, x, z, or any two consonants, except a mute followed by a liquid; as the second syllables of erexit and magister. 2. A syllable is short, when its vowel is followed by another vowel, or a diphthong, as the second syllable of indies. HEM.
Page 270 - Ad, adversus (adversum), ante, apud, circa, circum, circiter, cis, citrS, contra, erga, extra, Infra, inter, intra, juxta, ob, penes, per, pone, post, praeter, prope, propter, secundum, supra, trans, ultra, versus : Ad urbem, to the city.
Page 305 - BOOK. Containing the substance of the Practical Introduction to Greek Construing, and a Treatise on the Greek Particles; also, copious selections from Greek Authors, with Critical and Explanatory English Notes, and a Lexicon. 12mo, 618 pages. A complete, thorough, practical and easy Greek course is here presented. The beginner commences with the
Page 307 - There are already several American editions of Horace, Intended for the use of schools; of one of these, which has passed through many editions, and has also been widely circulated in England, mention has been formerly made In this journal. but that one we may not put upon an equality with the one now before us, inasmuch as this has taken a different stand-point, which may serve as a sign of progress in this department of study.
Page 67 - Imago, an image; oratio, an oration ; aestas, summer ; turns, a tower ; laus, praise; hiems, winter; lex, a law; nubes (gen. nubis), a cloud. 8) Neuters. — Most nouns in a, e, i, y, c, I, n, t, ar, ur, and us, are neuter ; eg, mare, a sea ; poema, a poem ; lac, milk ; animal, an animal ; flumen, a river ; cdput, a head, &c.

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