Vestigia Anglicana: Or, Illustrations of the More Interesting and Debatable Points in the History and Antiquities of England: from the Earliest Ages to the Accession of the House of Tudor, Volume 1

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T. & G. Underwood, 1826 - England - 432 pages

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Page 381 - Thus most invectively he pierceth through The body of the country, city, court, Yea, and of this our life : swearing, that we Are mere usurpers, tyrants, and what's worse, To fright the animals, and to kill them up, In their assign'd and native dwelling-place.
Page 345 - And he knew it, and said, It is my son's coat; an evil beast hath devoured him; Joseph is without doubt rent in pieces.
Page 223 - To rise at five, to dine at nine, To sup at five, to sleep at nine. The famous king Petosiris's magic was different...
Page 126 - Nature also, as if desirous that so bright a production of her skill should be set in the fairest light, had bestowed on him all bodily accomplishments, vigour of limbs, dignity of shape and air, and a pleasant, engaging, and open countenance.
Page 24 - Roman, pitched there ;) yet those old and inborn names of successive kings, never any to have been real persons, or done in their lives at least some part of what so long hath been remembered, cannot be thought without too strict an incredulity.
Page 271 - What manner of man must the king of England be, when his chancellor travels in such state...
Page 333 - Saladin died at Damascus soon after concluding this truce with the princes of the crusade : it is memorable that, before he expired, he ordered his winding-sheet to be carried as a standard through every street of the city; while a crier went before, and proclaimed with a loud voice, " This is all that remains to the mighty Saladin, the conqueror of the East.
Page 170 - ... ancient record is the second great phenomenon in the history of mankind. For, if we except the sacred annals of the Jews, contained in the several books of the Old Testament, there is no other work extant, ancient or modern, which exhibits at one view a regular and chronological panorama of a PEOPLE, described in rapid succession by different writers, through so many ages, in their own vernacular LANGUAGE.
Page 347 - Heart died on the 6th of April 1199, in the forty-second year of his age and the tenth of his reign.
Page 63 - The barbarians chase us into the sea ; the sea throws us back upon the barbarians ; and we have only the hard choice left us of perishing by the sword, or perishing by the waves.

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