The Mathematical Monthly, Volume 3

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John Bartlett, 1860 - Mathematics
"A complete catalogue of the writings of Sir John Herschel": v. 3, p. 220-227.

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Page 62 - PLANE CO-ORDINATE GEOMETRY, as applied to the Straight Line and the Conic Sections. With numerous Examples.
Page 192 - An Elementary Treatise on the Theory of Equations : with a Collection of Examples.
Page 183 - Factoring is a special case of division, in which many or all of the divisors of a member are required; Evolution, a special case of factoring, in which one of several equal factors is required; and Common Divisor, a case of factoring in which some common factor of several numbers is required. In comparing numbers we observe we may pass from one to another of different species under the same genus, and thus we have Reduction. By Comparison we obtain Ratio, arithmetical and geometrical, from the first...
Page 184 - Find, geometrically, expressions for the sine and cosine of the sum of two angles in terms of the sines and cosines of the angles themselves.
Page 54 - ... a number consisting of as many nines as there are recurring figures followed by as many ciphers as there are non-recurring figures.
Page 64 - Morgan. — A COLLECTION OF PROBLEMS AND EXAMPLES IN MATHEMATICS. With Answers. By HA MORGAN, MA , Sadlerian and Mathematical Lecturer of Jesus College, Cambridge. Crown 8vo. cloth. 6s. 6d.
Page 30 - The book of Prof. Cooke is a model of the modern popular science work. It has just the due proportion of fact, philosophy, and true romance, to make it a fascinating companion, either for the voyage or the study.
Page 95 - TODHUNTER.— A Treatise on the Differential Calculus. With numerous Examples. By I. TODHUNTER, MA, Fellow and Assistant Tutor of St. John's College, Cambridge. Third Edition Crown 8vo. cloth, l6s. 6d. TODHUNTER.— A Treatise on the Integral Calculus. With numerous Examples. Crown 8vo. cloth, 10ğ.
Page 182 - A LOGICAL OUTLINE OF ARITHMETIC. — One great error in our systems of elementary instruction is the lack of logical method. With the desire of lending a word toward the correction of this error, we present the following logical outline of Arithmetic. All numerical ideas begin with the unit. It is the origin, the basis of Arithmetic. The unit can be increased and divided, hence arise Numbers and Fractions. Every number is a synthesis, every fraction the result of an analysis.
Page 94 - ... most earnest co-operation of intelligent culture with industrial pursuits. Our success hitherto in the competitions of trade, manufactures, and the other productive Arts, has been the admitted result of the superior intelligence which has inspired our enterprise and guided our activity ; but, to secure a steady prosperity in the midst of the busy inventions and rapidly expanding knowledge which mark these pursuits in the leading European nations, we feel that it has become indispensable for us...

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