Solid Geometry, with Problems and Applications

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Allyn and Bacon, 1919 - Geometry, Solid - 211 pages
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Page 6 - If a line is perpendicular to one of two parallel lines, it is perpendicular to the other also.
Page 45 - The sum of the face angles of any convex polyhedral angle is less than four right angles.
Page 199 - COR. 2. The volume of a rectangular parallelopiped is equal to the product of its base by its altitude.
Page 44 - The sum of any two face angles of a trihedral angle is greater than the third face angle.
Page 65 - The volume of any parallelopiped is equal to the product of its base and altitude. Given any parallelopiped P with area of base b and altitude h.
Page 33 - The acute angle which a line makes with its own projection on a plane is the least angle which it makes with any line in that plane. Given the line AB, cutting plane P at 0, A'B' the projection of AB on P, and XX' any other line in P, through 0.
Page 33 - The projection of a straight line on a plane is a straight line in that plane.
Page 105 - A sphere is a solid bounded by a surface all points of which are equally distant from a point within called the centre.
Page 17 - Equal oblique lines from a point to a plane meet the plane at equal distances from the foot of the perpendicular...
Page 6 - Two triangles are congruent if two angles and the included side of one are equal respectively to two angles and the included side of the other.

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