An Elementary Treatise on Algebra, Theoretical and Practical: With Attempts to Simplify Some of the More Difficult Parts of the Science ... Intended for the Use of Students

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Carey & Lea, 1832 - Algebra - 352 pages

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Page 349 - LEGENDS OF THE LIBRARY AT LILIES. BY THE LORD AND LADY THERE. In 2 vols. 12mo. "Two delightful volumes, various, graceful, with the pathos exquisitely relieved by gaiety ; and the romantic legend well contrasted by the lively sketch from actual existence.
Page 151 - A ship, with a crew of 175 men, set sail with a supply of water sufficient to last to the end of the voyage ; but in 30 days the scurvy made its appearance, and carried off three men every day ; and at the same time a storm arose which protracted the voyage three weeks. They were, however, just enabled to arrive in port without any diminution in each man's daily allowance of water. Required the time of the passage, and the number of men alive when the vessel reached the harbor.
Page 80 - Now there were 22 seamen to every 3 guns, and 10 over ; also the whole number of hands was 5 times the number of soldiers and guns together ; but after an engagement, in which the slain were one fourth of the survivors ; there wanted 5 to be 13 men to every 2 guns.

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