Standard Service Arithmetics, Book 1

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Page iii - Series consists of four books, one each for the third and fourth grades, one for the fifth and sixth grades, and one for the seventh and eighth grades.
Page 281 - Fill the pint measure and pour the water into the quart measure. How many pints does it take to make a quart?
Page 250 - Study what you see at the right until you can say it without looking at the book. 12 inches = 1 foot 3 feet =1 yard 36 inches = 1 yard We use the foot ruler when we measure small things like books, papers, and shelves.
Page 180 - Each circle counted a certain number of points. To hit in the smallest circle counted 3 points. The next larger circle counted 2 points, and the largest counted only 1 point. To miss the target counted zero. Each boy kept a record of his shots.
Page 86 - Problem 1. Jane had 16 cents. Her father gave her 10 cents more. How much did Jane then have? 1. What does this problem ask you to find? 2. Must you add or subtract to get the answer? 3. What is the answer?
Page 346 - The third grade had 70 cents in their class fund. They decided that only half of this fund could be used for the party.
Page vii - Wordiness and extensive use of space were defended: While expansive treatment increases bulk, it increases also the rate of progress, and it decreases both the difficulties and the failures. . . . Every effort was made to present a complete problem with its full social setting, rather than to offer mere verbalized examples. The extent of the "watering down...
Page 176 - If you put your hand into a box twice and get 2 apples each time, how many apples would you have? But if you put your hand into a box twice and do not get any apples either time, you would have no apples, or zero apples.
Page 231 - CALENDAR 231 1. What month does this calendar show? 2. How many days are there in this month? 3. On what day of the week does this month begin?
Page 346 - One day the third grade decided to give an Easter party for the second grade. There were 29 children in the third grade and 26 in the second grade.

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