Colton's Common School Geography: Illustrated by Numerous Engravings and Twenty-two Study Maps, Drawn Expressly for this Work and Specially Adapted to the Wants of the Class-room, to which are Added Two Full-paged Railroad Maps, Showing the Chief Routes of Travel, Also an Edition with a Complete Series of Fifteen Commercial and Reference Maps of the United States

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Page 4 - The circumference of every circle is supposed to be divided into 360 equal parts, called degrees ; each degree into 60 equal parts, called minutes ; and each minute into 60 equal parts, called seconds.
Page 5 - The North Temperate zone lies between the tropic of Cancer and the Arctic circle, and the South Temperate, between the Tropic of Capricorn and the Antarctic circle. Each of these zones, therefore, is 43 degrees broad.
Page 4 - A Circle is a plane figure bounded by a curve line, every part of which is equally distant from a point called its centre.
Page 30 - The territory thus transferred extended from the British possessions on the north, to the Gulf of Mexico on the south, and from Mississippi River on the east to the Rocky Mountains on the west.
Page 6 - At the conclusion of the war of 1812, between the United States and Great Britain...
Page 47 - THIS is a tract of country set apart by the Government of the United States as a permanent home for the aboriginal tribes removed thither from east of the Mississippi River, as well as those indigenous to the territory. It is bounded on the north by Colorado and Kansas, south...
Page 4 - What is the reason why the sun appears to rise in the East and set in the West ? ' the answer is, ' Because (by cause — the efficient cause, or the cause which produces this effect) the earth revolves on its axis from W. to E.
Page 6 - ... of a whole continent has been correctly engraved on a piece of silver no larger than a dime. The maps in this book are so made that the top is north, the right-hand side is east, the bottom is south, and the left-hand side is west. Most maps are made in this way. [To be Recited.] What is a map ? It is a representation of the whole or a part of the earth's surface by means of lines and marks on a flat surface. What part of a map is north ? East ? South ? West ? The top is north, the right-hand...
Page 24 - Canada, or in any superior court or court of viceadmiralty, having juiisdiction in that province in Canada where the cause of prosecution arises, or wherein the defendant is served with process; and if the amount of any such penalty or forfeiture does not exceed...
Page 7 - In case of the death, resignation or disability of the Governor, the President of the Senate shall exercise the Executive powers of the government until such disability be removed, or a successor is elected and qualified.

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