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While looking for an answer to my own automatic drawing, I found your article which I think will help me. I taught I was imaginating the all experience. I visisted two wellknown spychics who think that is normal and I was being guided and I should journal and try to exibit them.
I had tried automatic writing approximately a year ago but instead I felt guided to draw. My hand moves across the page like a planchette on a Ouija board. I am always surprised to see beautiful designs appearing, some like tapestries, some drawings bear a lot of meaning about life. I also drew a picture of my daughters dog twice. I have never taken a drawing lesson. I do not get into trance, it just comes when I pick up a pen. I never know what will appear. Gel pen or woodless crayons seems to work best for me. I'm seeing a medium on Monday to find out about the artist who's nice enough to let me channel him or her.

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