The Journal of the Manchester Geographical Society, Volume 8

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The Society, 1892 - Geography
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Page 160 - It is said that our Empire is already large enough and does not need extension. That would be true enough if the world were elastic but unfortunately it is not elastic, and we are engaged at the present moment, in the language of mining, in 'pegging out claims for the future'.
Page 160 - We have to consider not what we want now, but what we shall want in the future. We have to consider what countries must be developed either by ourselves or some other nation, and we have to remember that it is part of our responsibility and heritage to take care that the world, so far as it can be moulded by us, shall receive an Englishspeaking complexion, and not that of other nations.
Page 115 - Network: anything reticulated or decussated, at equal distances with interstices between the intersections.
Page 221 - As a practical astronomer, Tycho has not been surpassed by any observer of ancient or of modern times.
Page 52 - Concerning the climate of British New Guinea we are not in possession of sufficient data to enable us to write with any degree of authority, nor yet are we able to contribute anything of special use to climatology. Generally speaking it may be said that the possession is healthy, no dangerous epidemics being known, and, excepting occasional attacks of malarial fever, Europeans suffer no greater inconveniences than residents of other tropical climes. In the Alpine zone of the Owen Stanley Range the...
Page 32 - I saw myself lying dead in the way to Ujiji, and all the letters I expected there useless. "When I think of my children and friends, the lines ring through my head perpetually : "I shall look into your faces, And listen to what you say, And be often very near you When you think I'm far away.
Page 160 - English-speaking complexion, and not that of other nations . . . we have to look forward beyond the chatter of platforms and the passions of party to the future of the race, of which we are at present the trustees, and we should in my opinion grossly fail in the task that has been laid upon us did we shrink from responsibilities and decline to take our share in a partition of the world which we have not forced on but which has been forced on...
Page 285 - Map of the Yosemite Valley, from surveys made by order of the Commissioners to Manage Yosemite Valley and Mariposa Big Tree Grove, by C. King and JT Gardner. 1865. Drawn by JTG Scale.
Page 179 - will be a sailor who has contrivance enough to get himself into a gaol ; for being in a ship is being in a gaol, with the chance of being drowned.
Page 200 - ... pm, 60 miles at 6 pm, 47 miles at 7 pm, and 26 miles at 9 pm By this time the weather was fine, the sky partially clear, and here and there slurs shining brightly.

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