An Epitome of Geography: With an Atlas

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Hilliard, Gray & Company, 1837 - 165 pages

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Page 4 - The AXIS of the earth is an imaginary line passing through its centre from north to south. The...
Page 8 - World is a globe divided into two equalparts, and reduced to a plane or level. 4. The two parts are called hemispheres or half globes ; one named the eastern, the other, the western hemisphere. 5. The top of maps is towards the north ; the bottom, towards the south ; the right hand, east ; and the left hand, west 6. The Equator or Equinoctial is a line which passes from east to west through the middle of the map of the world, at an equal distance from the poles, dividing it into two equal parts....
Page 20 - States now stretch from the Atlantic Ocean, on the east, to the Pacific, on the west, and from the Gulf of Mexico, on the south, to the British Possessions on the north.
Page 11 - AMERICA. 1. America is about 9,000 miles long from noith to south, being much longer than either of the other quarters ; but it is much narrower than Asia and nearly equal in extent. 2. It is divided into two parts, North and South America, which are connected by the isthmus of Da'rien or Panama'.
Page 8 - What is the best representation of the earth.' globe, on which the different parts of the land and water are drawn according to their natural situation. 2. A map is a representation of the earth, or a part of it, upon a plane or a level surface. 3. The Map of the World is a globe divided into two equal parts, and reduced to a plane or level.

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