Stories about Mathematics-land, Volume 2

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J.M. Dent and Sons, 1927 - Mathematics

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Page 73 - A circle is a plane figure contained by one line, which is called the circumference, and is such that all straight lines drawn from a certain point within the figure to the circumference, are equal to one another.
Page 73 - When a straight line standing on another straight line makes the adjacent angles equal to one another, each of the angles is called a right angle ; and the straight line which stands on the other is called a perpendicular to it.
Page 49 - To draw a straight line at right angles to a given straight line, from a given point in the same.
Page 72 - A plane rectilineal angle is the inclination of two straight lines to one another, which meet together, but are not in the same straight line.
Page 73 - An ACUTE ANGLE is one which is less than a right angle ; as the angle DEF.
Page 69 - ECF; and they are adjacent angles. But, when the adjacent angles which one straight line makes with another straight line are equal to one another, each of them is called a right IT angle ; therefore each of the angles DCF, ECF, is a right angle.
Page 52 - To draw a straight line perpendicular to a given straight line of unlimited length from a given point without it.
Page 44 - Let BAC be the given rectilineal angle, it is required to bisect it. Take any point D in AB, and from AC cut (i.
Page 72 - DEF. 2. A line has position, and it has length, but neither breadth nor thickness. The extremities of a line are points, and the intersection of two lines is a point. DEF. 3. A surface has position, and it has length and breadth, but not thickness. The boundaries of a surface, and the intersection of two surfaces, are lines. DEF. 4. A solid has position, and it has length, breadth and thickness. The boundaries of a solid are surfaces. DEF. 5. A straight line is...
Page 74 - EFGH is a square. The area of a square is found by multiplying the length of one side by itself ; in other words, Area of a square = square of one side. Find the area, in square yards and smaller units, of a square, the length of whose side is : 49. 97 yds. 52. 372 ft. 55. 98 ft. 6 in. 50. 388...

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