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Page 150 - And yet Time hath his revolutions ; there must be a period and an end to all temporal things— -finis rerum, an end of names and dignities, and whatsoever is terrene, and why not of De Vere ? For where is Bohun ? Where is Mowbray ? Where is Mortimer ? Nay, which is more and most of all, where is Plantagenet ? They are entombed in the urns and sepulchres of mortality. And yet let the name and dignity of De Vere stand so long as it pleaseth God!
Page 1 - An extraordinary work, which has earned for itself a lasting place in the literature of the country, and within a few years found innumerable readers in every part of the globe. There is no book extant that treats so well of the period to the illustration of which Mr Alison's labours have been devoted. It exhibits great knowledge, patient research, indefatigable industry, and vast power.
Page 14 - Quarterly Review. The Physical Atlas. By Alexander Keith Johnston, FRSE, FRG8., Geographer to the Queen for Scotland. Reduced from the Imperial Folio. This Edition Contains Twenty-Five Maps, including a Palaeontological and Geological Map of the British Islands, with Descriptive Letterpress, and a very copious Index. In Imperial Quarto, half-bound morocco, £2, 12s. 6d. ' ' Executed with remarkable care, and is as accurate, and, for all educational purposes, as valuable as the splendid large work...
Page 117 - The trenches were found to be a succession of holes, capable of containing two men each, and excavated, so as to afford shelter, both from the weather and the fire of an enemy ; even a shell lighting in the trench could at most but kill two men.
Page 11 - His book is worthy to take its place among the remarkable works on Greek history which form one of the chief glories of English scholarship. The history of Greece is but half told without it. " — London Guardian. " His work is therefore learned and profound. It throws a flood of light upon an important though obscure portion of Grecian history. ... In the essential requisites of fidelity, accuracy, and learning, Mr Finlay bears a favourable comparison with any historical writer of our day."—...
Page 5 - We do not remember any recent author whose poetry is so unmixedly native ; and this English complexion constitutes one of its characteristic charms. No purer model of our genuine home feeling and language."— Quarterly Review.
Page 20 - We have thoroughly examined these volumes ; but to give a full notice of their varied and valuable contents would occupy a larger space than we can conveniently devote to their discussion ; we therefore, in general terms, commend them to the careful study of every young man who wishes to become a good practical farmer.— Times.
Page 8 - The Trials of Margaret Lyndsay. By the Author of " Lights and Shadows of Scottish Life.
Page xxi - All the interior angles of any rectilineal figure, together with four right angles, are equal to twice as many right angles as the figure has sides.

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