A catechism adapted to the latest edition of the Regulations, for conducting the musketry instruction of the army

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Page 23 - Every body continues in its state of rest, or uniform motion in a straight line, unless it is compelled to change that state by forces impressed on it (inertia).
Page 41 - WERE. {Place the forefinger round the trigger like a hook, that part of it between the first and second joint to rest flat on the trigger, and restrain the breathing. {Kaise the muzzle steadily until the top of the fore-sight is brought in a line with the object through the bottom of the notch of the back-sight.
Page 129 - ... laid upon the muzzle with its greasy part downwards, and the bullet being placed upon it, it is then forced down the barrel with it. The riflings should for this purpose be shallow, and the bullets not too large. " As this mode of loading took up a good deal of time, the rifled barrels made in England...
Page 96 - Newton's first law states that a body at rest will remain at rest and a body in motion will move at a constant speed in a straight line unless acted , upon by a force . a.
Page 14 - ... 5. Partly screw the sear-spring to the lock-plate, then with the thumb of the left hand press the spring against the body of the sear until the stud enters the stud-hole, and screw home the sear-spring pin.
Page 39 - Without in the slightest degree moving the body, head, or eye, raise the rifle smartly to the front of the right shoulder to the full extent of the left arm, — the arms to move close to the body, — the back-sight to be upright, — the top part of the heel plate to be in a line with the top part...
Page 96 - Any cause which produces, or tends to produce, a change in the state of rest or of motion of a particle of matter.
Page 42 - Practice quick time, from ordered arms. (With muz is proceeded with? . . , ... ,, , zle-loaders, after returning the ramrod, count a pause of slow time, and, taking the time from the right, come to the capping position together, and proceed at once to cap.) The Instructor is to see that every man is in a proper position before he proceeds any further.
Page 39 - ... under the rifle, and the right elbow nearly square with and well to the front of the right shoulder, to form a bed for the butt, without moving the body, head, or eye, placing the forefinger round the trigger like a hook, but without pressing it.
Page 36 - ... to the following simple rules : — 1st. That the sights should not incline to the right or left. 2nd. That the line of sight should be taken along 'the centre of the notch of the back-sight and the top of the fore-sight, which should cover the middle of the mark aimed at.

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