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Page 60 - Que je sois, That I may be. que tu sois, that thou mayst be. qu'il soit, that he may be. que nous soyons, that we may be. que vous soyez, that you may be. q'uils soient, that they may be.
Page 54 - J'ai eu, I have had. Tu as eu, thou hast had. Il a eu, he has had. Nous avons eu, we have had. Vous avez eu, you have had. Ils ont eu, they have had.
Page 73 - Que je reçoive. Que tu reçoives. Qu'il reçoive. Que nous recevions. Que vous receviez.
Page 48 - Ne fais pas à autrui ce que tu ne voudrais pas que l'on te fît à toi-même.
Page 80 - INFINITIVE MOOD. PRESENT. — Y avoir, there to be. PAST. — Y avoir eu, there to have been. PARTICIPLES. PRESENT. — Y ayant, there being. PAST. — Y ayant eu, there having been.
Page 81 - Il y aurait, There would be. PAST. Il y aurait eu, There would have been. SUBJUNCTIVE MOOD. PRESENT. Qu'il y ait, That there may be.
Page 66 - I may speak. que tu parles, that thou mayst speak. qu'il parle, that he may speak. que nous parlions, that we may speak. que vous parliez, that you may speak. qu'ils parlent, that they may speak. Imperfect.
Page 88 - ... an application which has not only brought distant towns upon the same island or continent within the means of instantaneous communication with each other, but which has spanned the seas, and placed an insular metropolis like London within momentary reach of the distant capitals of the continent. It would be impossible in a work like the present, to give even a sketch of the numberless modifications and improvements in the apparatus which have been suggested or practised for carrying out telegraphic...
Page 76 - Que je rende Que tu rendes Qu'il rende Que nous rendions Que vous rendiez Qu'ils rendent Imparfait.
Page 29 - The Comparative of superiority is formed by placing plus, more, before the adjective, and que, than, after it : as, Il est plus savant que moi, He is more learned than I.

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