Elementary geometrical drawing, Part 1

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Longman, Green, Longman, and Roberts, 1859 - Geometrical drawing - 32 pages
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Page 11 - To describe a parallelogram equal to a given triangle, and having an angle equal to a given angle.
Page 8 - Upon a given straight line to describe a segment of a circle, which shall contain an angle equal to a given rectilineal angle.
Page 18 - Tojind a fourth proportional to three given straight lines. Let A, B, C be the three given straight lines. It is required to find a fourth proportional to A, B, C. Take two straight lines DE, DF, containing any angle EDF: and upon these make DG equal to A, GE equal to B, and DH equal to C
Page 4 - Through a given point, to draw a straight line parallel to a given straight line. See Fig. 36; also 4 of Plate I. CONSTRUCTION. — Let P be the given point, and AB the given straight line 3|
Page 3 - At a given point in a straight line to make an angle equal to a given angle. Let A be the given point in the line AB, and C the given angle.
Page 4 - In equal circles, the angles which stand upon equal circumferences are equal to one another, whether they be at the centres or circumferences. Let...
Page 8 - To draw a circle passing through three given points not in the same straight line ; in other words, To find a point equidistant from three given points.
Page 20 - The number of degrees in an angle of a regular polygon of n sides is — - 180.
Page 17 - To divide a straight line into any number of equal parts. Let AB (Fig.

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